The Platypus (CB750C)

I'm still undecided on what to do with the tank emblems. They are in great shape, but filling the sides and having a nice clean look could look good too.
Going to keep the tank emblems. Had one small paint issue that will get fixed here soon, but it's starting to look like something...


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So few guys leave the 4-pipe exhaust, it's unfortunate because that's such a sweet look!
Cookie said:
So few guys leave the 4-pipe exhaust, it's unfortunate because that's such a sweet look!

Agreed. One of the main unique pieces to this bike.

Also discovered that the F/K shocks I bought for it were blown, so the stock ones are back on. Anyone have any good condition non-c shocks?
Just finished a Sunday carb rebuild (well all the soft parts really, it didn't need jetting adjustments as is runs butter smooth already)

The fuel rail seals were failing and making rather a mess on the floor.

It appears I now have to make a choice when going out.

Coming in the mail: stainless front brake lines, new pads, the F4i master cylinder and a Morgan carbtune :) she should be done (knock on wood) at that point.

CBR600 F4i master cylinder and adjustable lever, stainless lines, fresh pads, and she brakes better that I was hoping for.

Still even has great feel too. I highly recommend.
I just did the same thing, but using a 2003 gsxr master. No stainless lines (yet) But I agree: it works and feels WAY nicer! Your CBR master looks cleaner ithaca its integral reservoir than a gsxr or r1, I'll give you that.
If I remember right it's a GSXR master with stainless lines that I have on the BMW, and this CBR master has a much better feel and was so much easier to bleed.

And I agree. Looks better as well.
MORK said:

Just another Saturday ride in the middle of November on a cold 70° day in Colorado...
You have any clearance issues on the rear end? Are you using stiffer or longer suspension? I'm planning a similar set up and trying to get ideas, it just seems there's not much play back there off the tire. Also is that a custom fender?

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Sold the bike a few weeks ago to fund the next project, but yes. The stock C shocks are too short. At 200lbs, I had to crank the preload almost all the way up. It only contacted the fender on speed bumps and curbs though, which is also why I welded the fender mounts to the top so it was all smooth underneath. F or K shocks bolt right up and are perfect, but the ones I got had blown seals.

That being said, the geometry felt nice at that ride height - leaned well, was decently stable, and overall was a nice ride.

And yes, that's a 6" wide custom rear fender cut to length and with custom brackets for the frame.

If I were to do it again I would do a kick up in the frame at the rear or a stepped seat. You do slide off if you're not paying attention.
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