Thinking about going for a cold,wet one.


Been Around the Block
Nope, not a beer, not a KY'ed corpse! Its chilly & kinda raining here, but Im off and I think I wanna get out on the 750 for a bit!
Put mine away last Sunday, might have my Norton at the International Motorcycle show at Rock Financial along with some Triumphs from Metro Triumph Riders.
Thats cool. Im gonna try to make it out for that. I'll look for you. I went for my ride, it was cold. I did discover though, with a Honda 750, you can set your hands on the engine to warm em up at stops. The engine sticks out either side just enough to rest them on the valve cover. Toastie!
And Im diggin the GL front & brakes. I gotta trim the gators a little still.
id say its officially too cold for me to ride to work. so im parking my bike for the winter and beginning teardown. im hoping to be done by march.
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