Tires for a '72 Honda: Firestone? Battlax? Avons?

JDubs said:
So, just to clarify, youre saying Im more likely to drop (fall down on) the bike in corners with wider tires than OEM? Just want to be sure what youre saying

Pretty much.
About 1/4" oversize is max I would go when 'racing' and even then you cant use all the tread.
Unless you have a LOT of nice twisty sharp corners to use you will be lucky to get more than 1000 miles out of rear and not much more from front
I fitted a 10mm oversize front tyre on my Katana, it isn't possible to use all the tread with a 120mm tyre on 3.5" rim, your fitting in effect a 4" tyre on a 1.85" rim
The dark 'ring' is close to the limit of lean angle, I've since managed to get down 'below' the direction arrow on tread ('line' just below mudguard edge)

kinda an exapmle of 'how I roll' ;) (taking it easy, about 30degrees?)


120mm tyre is 'theoretically' 4.72" or almost four and three quarter inches wide. I measured mine as fitted and it's about 116mm or roughly four and a half inches wide when fitted.(4-9/16")
It's is the stock size for GSX750F with the same wheel though so I'm not too concerned
I definitely do not recommend buying the firestone champion deluxe tires. I agree they are terrible when it comes to performance.

The following video is a review of the tires if you are interested.
Another one for the list is Kenda Retroactive. Sweet looking, decent reviews and cheap to boot, so if you don't like them, you're not too put out
I have the Kenda tires on my '71 CB350 twin. They're just peachy. Pretty sure mine came from JP Cycles or Dennis Kirk.

I'm pretty sure I could get some nice Dunlops for it in stock sizes, or maybe they were all +1? I can't remember. They were more expensive than the Kenda ones and being a cheap-ass I went with what thinned my wallet the least.
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