Trying to get the new girl running.


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I know this is an odd place to ask questions about a 2001 R6 but I'm having a lot of trouble getting her going.


I tried to start her quite a few times over several weeks (two young kids mean I try to find ten minutes here and half an hour there to fiddle with it) I had to pull an aftermarket kill switch out of it so the wiring was a bit butchered. Now that I've got the side stand switch sorted I can hear the burble out of the exhaust of combustion, just not enough to get her going. If I put the choke on and run the starter for a few moments she will sometimes just barely idle. Touch the throttle though and it's all over. I know the fuel pump works (the bike has carbs and a pump) I've tested it connected straight to the battery and it flowed strong. Turning the key on though yields no sound (shouldn't it prime?) Sounds like a fuel delivery issue right?

I don't know how to test the fuel cut relay. Is this a tip sensor? The under tray is a bit hacked up and the positioning of this may be incorrect.


Is it possible the ECU is cutting fuel because it thinks it's out of gas (I have a test tank feeding it, the wire's loose) I thought I eliminated this because I pulled the line into the carbs after a few attempts to start it and it was full of gas. I suppose there are a few more things to try to confirm this.

Any help moving forward would be helpful.
Just writing it out here I think I've come up with a couple new avenues to test.

Check the throttle position sensor. Other than that, I recommend a dealership. They should be able to read the ECU and let you know the results.
Dealership!? Is that one of those places where normal people buy things? I've heard about those... seems shady.

You give up too easy ;)

I'm going to see if jumping the relay turns the pump back on.
Fair enough.

Might be worth checking ignition timing and compression, too. You know... since it's easy and rules out everything except fueling issues.
Don't compare your bike's fuel pump to a modern car's with fuel injection. The carbs don't need high fuel pressure. The pump won't prime when you turn your ignition ON. It only runs when fuel is needed. You probably would not hear it at all when the bike was running.
Thanks for the help all. I'm working on some good leads developing from here:

I didn't honestly hold much hope for the R6 forums because it seemed like a lot of fluff talk (aftermarket carbon and neon) without much actual work or know how. But it may turn out to be a great resource after all.
How are the plugs? Have you checked for spark on all four cylinders yet? Compression?
We have the same thing with an FZR400 and it's always the same problem: Old stale fuel and partially blocked jets.

We have to pull the carbs and jets and clean them and add fresh fuel and she's good for another year. Or try a can of Seafoam and flush that through.
Have not pulled the plugs yet (these newer bikes sure are cramped)

Going to try and pick up a magnetic plug socket tonight (mine keep disappearing) If not, I can just get at them with some needle nose.

Good point Teazer. She has been sitting for a while "ran when parked"
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