Two xs11s added to the garage


Coast to Coast
Just too good of a deal to pass up. A 79 special in IMMACULATE condition, and a 79 standard that runs and I have everything it needs in my garage.





got them for let's just say a steal.
Nice! I had a XS1100 std for a while, a few years ago. Never got it running right and traded it to a "Yamaha Guy" for a Kawi Triple. We both ended up quite happy. ;D

Great bikes. :D I'm sure you'll be quite happy! :D
Talk about a time capsule bike... nice find. I'd ride the red one as is, you just don't see many era correct ones anymore.
Yeah red one is staying as is and I will ride it until I find someone who wants it bad enough. It's not really my style but I can't change it.
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