TX500 build

ok.. finally got some customer stuff done and was able to put in some wrench time on my scoot
tore apart the front end to re-polish the lowers and rebuild the fork seals, the front caliper was seized... great so i will give that a full rebuild, and also mounted up the rotor that Josh drilled out for me... unreal good work! now i have to try and get these pistons out of the caliper or try to come up with another solution... the FZR duel pison calipers i had did not work at all to mount up and would be more work than wanted right now... but never the less here are some pics




soaking in PB blast
took some work... but after soaking them in PB blast for 3 days... i used a c clamp to close them more to break them loose, then bolted them back together slid a paint stir stick between them so they did not pop out and slam together, used the air compresser and popped one out... the other was still wedged in there... so i assembled the pistion back on the side that popped. used a small c clamp to hold that piston in there, then used the air to pop out the other side...
came out nice... cleaned the inside, both seals on both sides where destroyed but the bores and pistons cleaned up like new... slapped some chrome powder on them and ordered the rebuild kits


well i was finally able to sneak away and do a bit of wrench time on the cafe... spun the lowers on the buffing wheel, did not go insane on them as i want to leave a bit of that patina on the polish... new seals, and assembled it all


Love where this is going Joe! That color combo is sick! I'm surprised I haven't stumbled across this thread yet...then again, I've been gone for a while. Keep it up man.
The wheels are perfect and i agree with the colors look great ! Your bike was one of the first of the TX/XS 500 i saw and gave me hope that they can be very cool lil bikes to build . Please keep up the great work and keep us posted with updates !
Black! Don't put the shields on. Dude I've been screaming black at this bike for years now! Don't cover it up. The exhaust looks great as is!
well between work on the board tracker got some final stuff coated for the cafe


still need to clear the rest but here it is
I did not have much time last night... but i got the caliper all rebuilt, and assembled on the bike... i think the all white was the way to go... but it is missing something i may try to find a tuning fork decal for it

got the fork brace in, front brake bled, levers on, mirrors installed, rear sets assembled and installed... just got carbs and a new battery left




just waiting on carbs

Im think those carb bodys are PCed as that what you do ! Have to say there sweet man i tend to like carbs stock but man they look wet !
Welcome back Joe !

I don't remember exactly what it was you needed, but I probably still have it !
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