Videos worth watching! MINE & YOURS... Put em HERE!

What types of movies & or shows do you zombie out to........Or should I just fuck off..

  • Bikerslotation films.....

    Votes: 18 26.5%
  • Build shows? ei. CAFE RACER TV? etc etc etc....

    Votes: 38 55.9%
  • Zombie & Horror.....

    Votes: 6 8.8%

    Votes: 21 30.9%
  • Donkey Porn,,, etc etc etc......

    Votes: 14 20.6%

  • Total voters
These are nothing compared to the other videos on here, but here's a couple where I am just playing around.

This one was my first chance to ride after having neck surgery in November. This was February of 2013...

This was done for a challenge thread on another forum. The challenge was to get a pic of your bike and a sunrise at least 40 miles from home. I couldn't get it to imbed, so here's the link...

Chasing the Sunrise
First, not mine, but fricking awesome. Agostini, in his 70's, has bigger balls and cooler bike than most other mofos walking this earth.

Next up is one of my childhood idols, well after Henri Toivonen. I have a screenshot of the frame at 3:30 printed on my office wall.
Hey Guys, this is a video I did not to long ago about a Honda CX500 from 1981, hope you like it!!
I made a swivel mount for my Gopro, I used a few of the vids I made with that in this short clip:

<iframe width="960" height="720" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Thought you guys might be interested in the result. Plenty of how-to videos can be found on YT by searching for 'DIY swivel mount'.
a couple from yesterday 8) wet pine needles keep things interesting ;D
boo halloween day riding

put the camera on the windscreen a lil different perspective
early in see the moss on the road and yes it is slick :-X it clears of and dries out as you climb away from the creeks
yesterday with the gopro lashed to the side o the tank it was a fine day ;D
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