Wanted... Anybody willing to sell 1975 CB400F #4 carburettor body...


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I know its a long shot but I thought I'd reach out to the community.
I'm after the #4 carburettor or just the body to suit a 1975 Honda CB400F Super Sport.
I "borked" the one Ive got trying to remove the pin that holds the float.
Feeling kinda pissed off with myself at the moment...
you can get a float pin post repair kit if you need it or get it repaired for you
Thanks for the response...
So you think there's a kit that can fix this..???

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these guys can do it for you but are in canada

i would carefully fit one of these if you have access to a mill to grind it down carefully to fit the post

or this one is the full kit i have it so just buy the above post when i need them

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