Welcome, Välkommen, Velkommen, Tervetuloa, Velkomin - To The Nordic Section.


Everybody likes curves, when we talk about roads.
Hi And Welcome warriors of the north!

Please introduce yourself, your bike and where you reside (in whatever language you like!)

My Name Is Pierre, And I'm Residing in Östergötland, Sweden.
And I'm currently building a cafe racer out of a 1982 Yamaha XJ550
My name is Felix and I live in Lund, southern part of Sweden.

Have a 1980 Yamaha SR500, currently under the knife. Going to be a caféracer.
Also have a 1992 Kawasaki ZXR400, currently in boxes all over the garage. Don´t know what I´ll be doing to it yet.
As the name suggests I'm Jake from Stockholm.

Currently building a cafe from a XS500, also looking for a xs650 to turn into a brat...
Good initiative on DTT Nordic!
What the fudge just noticed we now have a Nordic section..

Mit navn er Steffen og jeg er fra Skanderborg, Danmark.
Er igang at ombygge en Norton Interpol 2 til Cafe racer.

Godt initiativ! :)
Hej! Jag heter Steve och jag bor i Östersund.I am currently building an 82' XV750 cafe project,probably about half way there,plenty of time though,winters are long in the frozen north!
Har det så bra!

Gott Nytt År!

Är på väg att börja mitt första projekt, en Honda CB 350 K4.


Ni kan läsa mera på http://www.dotheton.com/forum/index.php?topic=44811.0 och senare också min "build thread".

Jag undrar var det lönar sig att köpa slitdelar för Hondan (till bromsarna, nya oljetätningar till framgaffeln och nya bakdämpare)? Skulle uppskatta om ni kunde dela med era erfarenheter av leverantörer i Norden. Vi är ju i EU nu så det spelar ingen roll var man köper sina grejer (en av fördelarna som vi ska utnyttja!).

Generell feedback på projektet kan ni ge på min "build thread" när jag öppnat den.

God fortsättning åt er alla från Finland.

hei! eg er ash og bor paa stord i norge.
im a mechanic at the local motorbike shop. we are selling many many old parts from our store room, get in toch if you need and bits from 70/80s bikes also fairings and such. (its really queit this time of year)
Hi, Andreas from Karlstad, Sweden building bikes under the name Rewheeled. Here are a few pics of my first two builds. Waiting in the garage is Suzuki Freewind being turned into a retro scrambler and another Sevenfifty with a brand new NOS 1999 Engine.


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Nordic section!?

I'm Olli, from Finland, currently residing in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Suffering from delayed 30 year crisis, I bought a 74 CB360 last May and got it on the road in August. Planning on doing a mild cafe racer mod, but with arrival of our second kid and basement renos over the winter, I have not started the project yet.

I'm looking for a stroker for a second project bike and maybe a modern bike for more care free riding.

Jag skulle tala väldigt bra svenska, men efter 7 år i Canada, ibland även finska är svårt för mig.

Some photos. Not recent ones though.
HI. Name is Sami but my friends call me Sundberg.
About one year ago i bought a Suzuki T500 that had been in a shed for many years.
Last winter i started the cafe racer projekt. Parts are hard to get here so ebay has been a big help. Everythinh on the bike is in ok shape expect the timing/electrics. Feels like im alone on my project right now, but when reading on the forum it seems like there are alot of people that have had the same problems i have had. If i just had found this forum earlier !

So far: Titan racing pipes, new seat cover, bike painted matte black.
Plans: electric ignition, clip on bars, cafe seat, rearseat break and shift,


Pic: http://www.flickr.com/photos/suzuki_gt500_t500/8727049357/

Kör försiktigt!! ajakaa varovasti ;)
Hey Folks!
Only done resto of a couple of britbikes earlyer,but now going jap!
I am currently working on a 78 gs 400. Here is what it looks like now before teardown and further mods!


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Hi dotheton friends .
I'm from Ikast, Denmark.
Building on a old GS550 on second year, but driving the season!
This winter I also will build og a GS450 and advise friend on what they just find for their style of dotheton.
We will post pics over the winter.
See links on my profile.
See you out there.
Hej hej, David från gbg här, bygger en xs750 chopper!
Bara för att café grejen redan är gjord på den modellen.. har iofs en original 750 också som kanske kan lättas i framtiden..
Hej, jeg hedder Per og bor udenfor Kolding. Jeg er den lykkelige ejer af en strippet Guzzi 1000SP som nok mest er en "scrambler" pt men jeg arbejder på et mere caferacer agtigt look.

Jeg har skrevet en intro i medlemssektionen


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