What is your city best known for? (Good or Bad)






I love Da burg! Probably my #1 city!
Awesome city with it's own language. The only city you can take a Picksburg left.
If you are planning a trip you need to study up on your Pittsburghese.
These are flippin hilarious

Hey yinz guys, you gotta shop at Pants N At.
I second Mullets, Stanley P Kachowski and Sophie. The Clarks, BE Taylor and Joe Grushecky. Myron Cope, Sid Da kid, Mario and Fred Rogers
Edit:eek:ops, Sid and Mario are imports but still part of the face of da berg
Good question...
Asheville is in the middle of the center for crafts like pottery. The Appalachian Trail, river rafting, hiking, Blue Ridge Mountans (they really are blue), Blue Ridge Parkway goes through here. Great riding roads, for sure.
This is where Floridiots carve up the mountains for second homes and trust fund babies (aka nastyhairians) come to hang out. Like a lot of areas, farm land is getting covered whith white middle-class ghettos built out of ticky-tacky that all look the same (how do you find your house when you come home drunk?)

A fair number of old bikes around, which is nice. Nortons and Triumphs still go relatively sheap, IMO. It's real small, so great roads are only a couple minutes away~



I love the Toy Parade every year;




The job scene sucks...

The worlds largest sheep statue, a high security jail and one of the top ten most violent nightclubs in Australia.

I love this town.

- boingk
Siloam Springs AR. Most churches per capitae in the world. Most hypocrites per capitae also. ::) You can't buy booze here, but you can go twenty feet to West Siloam OK. and buy all ya want ;D The mineral springs downtown used to be popular for healing, before they got polluted with e-coli from the chicken houses. :'( Which reminds me Tyson, Cobb/Vantress, and Simmons are here, and some guy named Walton (think Walmart) started a five and dime in the next town over, a couple of years ago ;) We have low unemplyment, great roads, rivers, and lakes. And this is pretty-much where the Ozarks meet the plains. Most years N.W. AR competes with Las Vegas, for the fastest growing place in the U.S.
mice, or one particular (Micky) and, really, really bad drivers (I think Florida has 3 out of top 10 city's for bad drivers according to insurance institute)

My town killed the world's most famous elephant. With a train. Then they made a statue of him, beside a caboose, and he's on a hill with his ass facing the drivers coming into town. We're also the self-proclaimed railway capital of Canada, it says so on our garbage bins downtown.



Also the home of Joe Thornton, Rachel McAdams, the Ford Crown Vic (RIP 2011/2012?), and Sterling Trucks (RIP 2008)
Portland Oregon

More strip clubs per capita than anywhere else in the US. Wooo titties!

Darm: Why did they kill the oliphant.....and why with a train?
Indianapolis Indiana.

world wide? = the 500 mile race 8) (and now moto gp) ;D
locally? = corn :-\
me? = cigaretts, alcohol, and never ending stream of taxpayer funded sports stadiums. :p
home of the hook turn!
former capital of australia (ostraya), second biggest city in the british empire (in the 1880s)
a silly spire on one side of the river (arts centre) with a hideous deformed block on the other (federation square)
good roads (but not enough of them)
poor public transport
"4 seasons in 1 day"
culture, cricket, aussie rules football
general motors holden is based here (home of the new pontiac gto and g8)
a large train station with a pointless, ugly and taxpayer-funded extremely expensive roof (southern cross)

i'm probably focusing on the negatives because i'm itching for a holiday to malaysia and thailand :)

my suburb (our interpretation of the suburbs is a little different to the US definition) is best known for prostitution, narcotics, beaches, clubs and bars, eateries, luna park, the palais theatre, the esplanade hotel, the sea baths, a respectably sized gay and lesbian community...
basically my 'burb is a really well balanced area where anything and everything is available, for better or worse.
shit, how could i forget?! st kilda (my suburb) is also home to the newman house - originally owned by a douchebag who's claim to fame is idiocy and playing football once upon a time - it's entire front is several glass panes with an image of pamela anderson.
My hometown: Niagara Falls, ON

The white trash Mecca of North America. The annual pilgrimage once only drew mullet flicking, hicky sportin' beanie bag collectors; however, things have changed drastically in the last few years. First there was the great marketing merge of Frankenstein's Castle and the neighbouring Burger King (see above). Shortly after, Casino's started popping up all along the river side. Now, the pilgrimage draws mullet flicking, hicky sportin' unapologetic gambling addicts. Although, I must say...now that I've been away from the city for nearly a decade, my semi-annual visits are really fun.


My current city: Toronto, ON
The Big Smoke. Often used as a stand-in for New York in cinema (look for the street car tracks), it very much does have a NY complex. We're trying to kick it though. You know who isn't try to kick anything? The crackheads. I've never had a bicycle last more than a month (if I lock it outside regularly). No lock will save you. The city is very multicultural but the it's divided into turfs. Pollacks in the west, Chinese in the middle and South Asians in the east. There are also prominent neighbourhoods for the Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Sri Lankan and others. This results in some AMAZING and cheap as all hell food joints. I don't buy into Toronto having a signature dish, like Montreal's smoked meat sandwiches, but we do have a shit load of shwarma joints all over the city. You can pick up a good falafel for $4, 24 hours a day. The city is also busting at the seams with some incredible local music in just about every genre.
Swagger said:
Darm: Why did they kill the oliphant.....and why with a train?

They didn't have a big enough gun? :-\

Haha. St. Thomas was actually a pretty happening place back in the 1880's. Barnum & Bailey's Circus was in town and Jumbo the elephant's trainer decided to take him on his nightly stroll down the train tracks. He got smucked by a train, I guess they didn't hear it coming (steam engines don't make noise right?). A feast was had by all (I'm guessing). They say his tusks took a wrong turn through his brain. Apparently Jumbo is the name that spawned the word Jumbo.


Makes a good photo op, I guess. Gather round everyone.
True. If the camera had panned a bit to the west, you'd see the condo wall. I don't think this photo even includes the ACC.
Represto said:
How do you pronounce Austria??
ostriya :)

i've got a strong european heritage and a ridiculous surname so i make an attempt to pronounce everything correctly thouhg.

Home of DTT
Harborfront Center (amazing free concerts)
Kensington Market
The Border (TV show)

Horrible public transit system
Artificially inflated real estate prices means you can rent someone's basement for $900 + utilities a month
Chances are you make $20K a year less than what you'll need to walk over and talk to that attractive woman over there.
Condos, condos, everywhere!
The city is so afraid it wont appear to be "world class and hip" to the rest of the world that anything that isn't new-hot-trendy is immediately destroyed.
One of the wealthiest cities in Canada and yet there is not enough money to pay for properly paved roads or community centers or the inflated wages of city workers.
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