Whats the name? sex?

dcwp said:
A paper came out a couple of years ago (unpublished, from an academic conference) that shows that men use the same parts of their brains to think about tools and sexy ladies. They showed a bunch of guys pictures of bikini models as well as other stuff. The neural imaging they did at the same time showed that the same parts of the brain lights up when men look at hand tools as when they look at women.

interesting.. i wonder how this works with women. i also wonder why women don't tend to like this type of work as much as men do. i think about it a lot!

some of my bikes are ladies, some are guys. i name them based on their personalities, usually. i'm supposed to do a project for a friend, and it's already in my head that it needs to be named kathy. i've never named a bike before i saw it, so this should be interesting. if anyone finds a bike that looks like a kathy let me know :D
It has to do with hormone levels and the brain.

I know some women with mustaches that ride Harleys :eek:

I also know little "flowers" who don't know a piston from a wind shield wiper ::)
VonYinzer said:
This is probobly going to be the inspiration/name for the upcoming 250...
Great band. Great song. And it really sorta explains what Im goin for with her... A real fuck the world bike. One of a kind.

All these sketches I've done will be inspiration for the 550 tripple drag bike in some shape or form....






Thats some graphic shit, Louie! Damn! Still awesome though. Mad skillz with the drawing too, very impressive.

Tentative names for the bikes at the moment are 'Noxious Velvet' for the GS850 and 'Jiminy Cricket' for the KV100. The former because the GS850 is smooth and refined, yet reasonably offensive, antisocial and insane. The latter because the 100 is small, green and sounds good when its on song, haha.

Cheers - boingk
Bike (1982 Kawi KZ1000) "Bad Company" from song and band); cage (2008 Volvo C30 R) "Black Watch" from Scotch heritage.bj
I never could understand why people name their bikes ???...Still can't...Some of the names are pretty f'n retarted too...Then again, I'm not very cool...Your guys's bike names are cool though ;)
Hey Swapmeet! That is some pretty cool stuff. Some of that would look awesome airbrushed on stuff. Would you mind if I did a couple airbrush renditions of that stuff? Not to sell or on bikes, just for the hell of it (in other words, not trying to rip off your work). If not, that is ok too.

Here are a couple jobs I did early this winter:




Nice job! Now back to bike names...
I've never thought of my bikes or other vehicles as female. I have always thought my vehicle is what I look like when on the road so it must be a dude. If my ride was a girl I'd feel like I was in drag.
I've only named a few of my vehicles. I never named my SV1000 or my Mustang and those were some of my favorites.
1976 Malibu was "The Hoss Rod" (Hoss was my wrestling nickname in HS)
1986 Mazda B2000 "Vern" (name came with truck)
2008 FZ1 "The Beast" (It looks evil and spits fire)
2000 Nissan Frontier "Boris" (I found a plastic toy boar in the truck)
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