Where are the spark plugs located on a Honda CB550k?

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I can't find any how-to videos online, or pictures in the manual.

So yeah, where are the spark plugs located on a honda cb550k? I'm trying to replace them. pics are vastly appreciated.

Thanks a lot dudes.
Look for 4 wires. Big, thick, black wires that go from somewhere under the tank to the engine.

At the end of those wires are the spark plugs.

Please note: If you can't find the plugs in the first place you may want to hire a mechanic to do the work for you.

follow the spark plug wires... 8) i will blame your question on the abundance of dispensaries in boulder
This is weird, but I am going to pretend it is not...
Put your finger on the "H" in Honda on the gas tank badge. Now, follow your finger down about 8-10 inches or so. It should be hard to miss, if you know what a spark plug looks like. Once you find one; look real hard, because there will be more in that same general area. Check both sides... Good luck to you.
I've marked the attached picture to show the two plugs on the right side (cylinders #3 and 4). The other two are on the other side. If the plug wires are not marked make sure you know which one goes to each plug before removing them. Or just do them one at a time.


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