White Walled Tires... Whats out there?..


Is that the best you got? OK.. now my TURN...
I need some white walled rear tires for my build...
Anyone have an idea whats out there and who makes them?


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Coker has 'em


And I take back what I just wrote in the other thread. There are Champions here with whitewall, but the wall is a lot wider than the one in the GravelCrew bike you were asking about.


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you want a cheap do it yourself method.....
there is a roof coating made for rubber roofs. the stuff i have is call mule-hyde a350
elastomeric rubber water based paint. i have prob 600 miles on em. they do grime up a bit but reg white walls do to.
ive waqshed then with a scothch brite pad and degreaser and they held up. you could probly whiten them back up with white shoe polish if you were taking it to a show or somthing....it looks good with my white grips, both grungy white. i like it.
the mule-hide i got was from a roofing wholesaler. i was told there is a similiar item at menards called cool-coat but i have never used it. pull any nipples off the side walls and wash it really good. prime all the lettering areas and then have somebody spin the tire while you paint it. i did 3 coats out. let dry for 24 hours. ill try to post a pic this weekend.


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you can buy a pen of whitewall paint at Crappy tire. I used it once on a set of car tires and it worked ok. had to touch it up every spring but not too much and it held up well. You could use that too. Not sure how it would work on a big white stripe, I only used it to fill in letters.



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Check out:

They make the whitewall Port-o-walls for motorcycles in all different sizes. You can run your tire of choice with them, and you don't have to spend all the money on true whitewalls.


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i have heard mixed reviews on the moon eyes... i hear that they flap when your driveing... but i think swagger told me that he used rubber glue on his and they worked great... i plan on trying them on a build shortly


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I went with some blackwalls with a black rim one time form coker and those were really nice. They gave it the old school look I wanted. Shop around though the prices can be drastic. I've heard of guys using the whitewall paint, but I've never seen a job that looked good.....


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the paint sucks! no joke, one of the worste things you will ever do to a tire and a bike, melts, is a mess, yellows, cracks, looks like crap!
the inserts are ok if you use some rubber glue with them to keep them from flapping


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Pretty easy if your are building and HD or XS or such with a 16" rear wheel. Avon, Dunlop, Coker, Maxxis, Metzeler, Continental. 130mm and wider. For 18" I know you can go with Avon or Maxxis.
Prices range from $70 and up in USD. Coker, Maxxis and Avaon are damned soft, don't last very long. My friend had an Avon Gangster on his 1500 Drifter, tire was done in less than 10 thousand miles. A Dunlop or Continental should rot away before the tread wears out, I had over 40 thousand miles on a rear 150/80/16 D404 on my 800A Vulcan a few years back and it had at least 60% tread.

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