Who can tell me what this is?


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Slightly off topic but this came with a bunch of parts when I bought my Ace.

No idea what it is. My guess is its some sort of coil, spark plug fits in the black bit.

Tried to google for it, but not much luck.

If you say that a spark plug fits the bottom of it, chances are it may be some kind of pencil coils. Pencil coils combine the ignition coil with the spark plug cover, therefore sitting on top of the spark plug and not needing a spark plug wire. However, i find it rare it came with your ace, as these types of coils are used mainly on modern sportbikes and touring options from bmw and the likes.

Also, I see a cable that may act as some sort of trigger signal from the CDI, but no charging cable? ( wire is too thin for this purpose?).
it looks like some sort of spark booster or resistor pack.
The plug goes into the bottom and the high tension plug cable screws onto the screw in the top hole, ( you just unscrew the plug cap off the wire.)
put never used one so dont know if the other cable is an earth or positive that comes out of it, i guess earth.
xb33bsa said:
im gonna guess it is a capacitor booster try it see if it works, wire to ground,er o sorry earth ;D

Well wired it up and went for a spin. Not sure if its running any different....
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