Who has a Wrangler?

LtGeorge said:
My 2011 Rubicon with a few things done to her... same as Sonic my girl now has the backseat until the bikes are done... or new parts are given to me


A recent pic after her... bath

and an action shot... well posing

Very nice!!
Who has a Wrangler?

Woohoo a topic I can add to! I've got a 97 TJ. Locked F/R with 4.88 gears on 33"s and some other things


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I have always wanted a Jeep. A Wrangler in particular... Plans are to graduate college. Sell my '95 Honda for all 1,000 its probably worth haha and start saving up for a Jeep (and pay off that damn debt)... LtGeorge, your action shot is badass! Case and point in why I need a Jeep... So I can do cool shit like that!! Oh yeah and be able to haul my bike would be nice. :p

This is the wife's '95 YJ which she's had since then. I get to drive it and mod it though. This is an older pic, now equipped with a Warm M8000. I also just had 4.10's and a Tru Trac installed up front.
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