Why are fuel tanks rubber mounted?


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Do gas tanks need do be rubber mounted/isolated from the chassis for any reason?

I see my Bandit tank has rubber mounts front and at the rear not only is the tank rubber mounted, but the bracket the tank mounts to is also rubber cushioned (just on top)

See # 11, 12, 13

the constant vibration can crack seams and stressed areas like mounting pads
I was thinking static charges and shock absorption in an accident. Didn't realize vibration could create so much fatigue but I suppose the fluid nature of the load creates the issue.

Thanks for the info!
I was thinking static charges
You do need a path to earth, otherwise you will get a static spark. When the tankers fill up the tanks at the service stations they always connect a static earth lead.
motorcycle gas tanks are not grounded as a rule

tankers are as the tanks are underground so the tanker has to be grounded to remove the spark potential as there is a direct path to ground
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