WTB: CB500 Finned Stator and Points Covers


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I need to buy finned stator and points covers for my 1972 Honda CB500.

If anyone has a lead on some I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks! They look like the ones in the pic on that website...but he says he out of CB500 covers.

Some b!tch t-boned me while I was cruising down the street the other day. She gunned it out of a metered parking spot and didn't even look to see if anyone was already in the lane she was trying to enter. Threw me off the bike and into the other lane...bike went down and sliding...busted all my finned engine covers...$2k damage total.
Dang man really sorry to hear that. Hope you are ok and your bike didn't get too damaged. There's really nothing you can do to protect against idiots behind 2000 lb of steel. Yeah I'd keep checking on eBay. They are pretty rare though.
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