XR100r project for fall/winter 2021

After Barber, progress moves along pretty well.
I'd have to look in the trash. He bought it previously. I can't recommend it. Most of the large paper gaskets need adjustment, the o-rings aren't correct, and the head cover gasket didn't fit at all - went with the old one. The head gasket seems right. I hope it is. If not, everything will come out and I'll anneal the copper gasket that he had with the parts. It doesn't looked used, but is quite hard.

The engine completed assembly today. Can't put it in the frame until the front tire is changed out. That is in the back seat of my truck waiting for Monday. I have zero tire tools or desire to do tires, so it will go to Lynch Worx in Powell and have Arron Lynch change it out for me. Ordered a new chain (el-cheapo eBay model) 'cause the one with it is in BAD shape.
Thanks. The Vesrah sets for the 100 motors are pretty good but the oil pump gaskets are always too big. I've had to cut those myself.
This kit says G&S Racing. All vacuum sealed to a big sheet of cardboard so you have to take it off with a razor blade. No seals in it - he bought them in another kit. It did have the big o-ring for the alternator seal spider, and the intake runner o-ring. No dipstick o-ring, and all of the other o-rings were too small cross-section. Came with valve stem seals, but so did the seal kit. Oil pump o-rings? No. From my stash.

I like Vesrah stuff. Didn''t get the oil pump apart. Didn't want to chance ruining the screws that were over-tight (yes, even for a JIS bit). Felt very smooth, so left it. It was a spare that he bought with a bunch of other stuff. The pump that had been in it was trashed - looked like it had pumped sand.
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Sorry, I meant the gasket for the oil filter rotor cap, not the o-rings at the base of the pump.

It's easier to install some of those gaskets than it is to get them out of the packaging without tearing them!
This doesn't have a centrifugal oil filter - just a rectangular screen. The oil pump has o-rings between it and the block, and a paper gasket on the other side. I couldn't get the screws out to remove the little plate, so didn't use the paper gasket for it.
Hey, it makes noise! Haven't tried much more as I don't have the seat here. I might mount the tank next week and try a bundle of rags to set on to see if the transmission works.
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