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Hi all

Just Joined DTT and would appreciate some advice.
I've owned my 1979 XS 1100 for 10 years and I want to "cafe race" it. At present it is stock so I need to either locate or get instructions on how to make the following parts: racing seat, round (instead of present square)headlamp, set of clocks, K&N filters, rear sets, headlamp racing fairing, racing or clip on handlebars. I live in New Jersey.
I am gratefull for any advice offered to me and thanks to all in advance. Alba

PS I will be riding the Blue Ridge Parkway next Spring. Has anyone done this?
Things like the seat are sort of a take the old one off and see what happens next kind of thing. Need to see the frame under the seat to know what might work.

Gauges and headlight buckets are easy - check out Dime City Cycles for parts like that.

I toyed with the Blue Ridge to ride all the way South but it's kind of slow going. Probably a few most scenic stretches worth riding though. I rode a few miles of it in the south but nothing special.

Plan on going to Barber in alabama in October. We get together there every year at the vintage festival. It's huge.
A lot of guys make a seat mold out of foam blocks glued together and then tape and fiberglass it. The rest really depends on your capability. You can buy most anything, but I'm more of the mind that doing it yourself it more satisfying, unique, etc.
With the seat I would use the blue or pink house insulation foam from HD or lowe's its clean and easier to work with than the florist foam. Another thing is to fiberglass it to fit your frame don't do it away from it unless you know it will fit. Your probably thinking, well duh! I like my seat to be tight fitting to the frame, no gaps.
You can always buy the seat from dime city. I've been looking for a bike to build, and after looking at how much labor is needed for the seat I figured I'd just buy it. But now I'm starting to wonder how well they fit
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