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Hey guys! Remember me? This is what I've been up to...

Before (April '09) /After (September '10)



Finished top end rebuild, around 500 miles on the clock so far. Learning a lot about what I need to do this winter. Already installing a set of FIAMM horns to replace the POS OEM horn. Starter switch, gauges, turn signals, brighter tail light. Considering complete front brake upgrade if funds permit.

Has, complete roller bearing conversions, 18 in rear wheel, new rubbers, new coils, leads, caps, dialed carburetors (jets, needles, floats, body all changed), new exhaust system, new drive chain and sprockets, Race-Tech emulators, progressive fork springs, upgraded rear shocks, upgraded aux oil cooler/filter. New seat/tank combo and complete rewiring. Replaced most of charging system. Removed a good 15 lbs from the frame. POR-15'd tank. Ready to be ridden and abused; all work done by me.

I've been concentrating mostly on performance modifications to frame, carbs, engine. Handles like a dream and it isn't too slow. Still need to finish the side covers.

Anyone have suggestions for passenger pegs that don't vibrate too much?

All in all, I'm glad to have it at a point where I can work on small mods and ride at the same time =].
really nice work. Lovin that seat and headlamp. Not sue on the passenger pegs. Maybe somehow add more rubber into the mounts?? she not liking the vibrations, huh?
troybilt said:
she not liking the vibrations, huh?

Yes...it's the opposite of everything I've ever known!! ;)

No love for my XS huh? I guess I'll have to get my g/f to take some pictures with it lol.

Troy, your chop is look damn good.
ericngsta said:
No love for my XS huh? I guess I'll have to get my g/f to take some pictures with it lol.

you just need to post more photos of it period. I like your XS I have a 73 myself. I like the way yours is turning out.
Is your bike responsive all the way thru the whole RPM range? or does it have any flat spots?
Once this rain streak has ended, I'll take her out for some photos. I have the notorious BS34's, known to suck really bad. However, I've got these custom needles made by XSJOHN that make em into great carburetors. I've had the XS to about 90mph, no problems or hiccups, plenty of throttle left. I may need to fine tune the carbs, because it sounds like it bogs down at idle sometimes. No complaints about its performance or handling.

Keep an eye out for more pictures. I'll have to borrow my buddies new camera.
That's pretty close to what I have in mind for mine, neato!
I love that seat....who makes that?
very nice ride. It good to see more xs's. mY 73 has been in dry dock for going on 2 years now. I finally ordered 600 bucks worth of new parts and and going to finally rebuild my engine within the next two weeks. poor old girl won't know what hit her.

I have a set of honda passenger pegs that are rubber mounted I think there off a cb 550 I got them from a salvage yard.

cheers Mortikan
Yeah Motikan, good to see you active on the boards again. I just finished my top end rebuild, they are fun bikes if you get rid of some of it's weight.

The seat is from a Japanese seat company called K&H. Should show up on google. It's handmade fiberglass with leather, super comfy. However, they can be expensive new.



About to get a stretch of awesome weather in RI.
Rockin. I've wanted an XS650 for a daily for some time now, and this is perfect representation of how I'd do it.
Nice bike!

Do you mind telling me what you did as a battery cover? I need do make one too, but I have no idea where to start. I was thinking one like yours, ie hide the battery but leaved room for the pods

Bike looks awesome. Fork gaiters would look nice on that too !!


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