Ypsilanti Bike Night - 2017.


Been Around the Block
I use to post on the bike nights down in Depot Town. Not many people payed any attention to it. I'm going to try again this year. I have a Gopro camera I am trying out so maybe I'll have some videos to post.

For those who don't know, there is a bike night in Ypsilanti, MI in Depot Town (Cross Street) every Tuesday.

I think I am headed up there tonight, at the very least for a drive through Depot Town just to see what's up. Maybe post pics or video tomorrow. Anyone else going?
I was going to go with a couple friends but ended up taking my dog to the vet instead... fun times. Maybe next week.
I skipped 4th of July. I have some pics from last week I will post when I have more time. It was a decent turnout, but not that many interesting bikes.
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