YZF-R6 Front End on a 95' CB750


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So I'm wanting to put a YZF-R6 Complete Front End on a 95' CB750. Will it directly swap, if not what do I need to do to accomplish this. Still very new to all of this Frankenstein stuff.
Probably not. I have a 2009 R6 front end on my 81 CB750 and I needed a new stem and bearings. Cognito moto made my stem, if they don't have one for a 95 CB750 I believe they make custom ones.
You have to get a custom stem made for the swap. CognitoMoto makes them and can press them in. I have a 93 cb750 with an R1. Or, you could go with a cbr600 f2 or f3 forks and they should drop right in to your triple trees. You may need to make some spacers for the wheel though.
You haven't provided enough information to give any kind of an answer. What year is the donor front end? The 95/96 YZF6R actually shares the same rotor bolt pattern as the CB750, so your stock wheels may actually work.
I have a complete 2015 YZF-R6 Front End, including wheel. Im going to use the R6 front wheel and on my project and stock Cb750 Rear Wheel.
I do my swaps by pressing out both stems and machining the new clamps (by either making the holes bigger or pressing/heat shrinking in an undersize sleeve and boring it out to the stock stem size, press fit dia for bottom clamp, slip fit for top clamp) to accept the stock stem. That way you use the stock bearings. It's always worked very well and doesn't cost any extra money for a "custom" made stem.

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What’d you end up figuring out with this? I have a 1992 CB750 and was curious how it all went down for you.
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