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    1972 cb/cl 100

    I used levers to get it off and then just soaped it up and pushed it on by hand.
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    16in Enduros?

    Second number is the height as a percentage of the width. So a 100mm wide tire with a 90% aspect ratio is 90mm tall. A 90mm wide tire with 100% aspect ratio is also 90mm tall.
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    16in Enduros?

    a 90/100 would be the same height as a 100/90
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    CL175 exhaust/tuning/carb

    If it's revving high, but not going as fast as it should, your clutch must be slipping.
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    1981 XS650 Project Something or other (going cafe-ish)

    Re: 1981 XS650 Project Something or other Yes, It would pull. The bell crank could be whatever shape you want.
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    1981 XS650 Project Something or other (going cafe-ish)

    Re: 1981 XS650 Project Something or other Here's a quick and dirty mockup that would give a progessive rate. Blue is the arc of your swingarm clevis. Red is your new bell crank, the important part is the new bottom linkage location. Yellow is the new tie rod. edit- probably need to rotate the...
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    Driving me nuts: Headlight sliding down w/stalk turn signals

    On mine the bolt turns inside the turn signal preventing tightening. If you have enough sticking into the bucket, you could grind flats at the end of the bolt to hold onto with a wrench.
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    cited for turn signals, tail light, and mirrors...huh?

    Since your bike is pre 73 you shouldn't need turn signals at all. Put some red lens paint over you turn signal brake light. edit: actually MD doesn't seem to require any signals on motorcycles- (b) Every motor vehicle...
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    "Cafe Racer" such a loose term! Craigslist "Gem" of the week!

    Think I should grab this rebel for <$200. Been thinking about doin a bobber.
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    CB200 in NW Arkansas. 1/2 finished Trackerish

    <2 swingarm stretch worth the effort? Lower the rear end a bit and minimally soften the ride.
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    Quality Hardware in a plated finish

    Fastenal has all kinds if there is one close to you.
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    My First Build 74' CB 350F1

    Re: First Bike CB 350F1 I think the shining stars with the sun in the sky is more odd.
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    Left on Red?

    Did you miss the use of the word "was," which is past tense?
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    76 cb200 tune up

    Tappets are .05mm (.002in) Points gap is max .3-.4mm (.012-.016in) I here's a link to the service manual for you.
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    I need a title!!!!!!!

    The whole point is that Vermont doesn't title. They give you a registration that gets you a title in your state.
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