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    Just For Fun --- How OLD Are You?

    Grew up with rotary valve 2 strokes, setting points, and 4" of suspension on a MX bike, no internet and Cycle World magazines. Rebuilding and cafe mods to the bikes I grew up on. The best thing with age is acquired experience, I can fix, build, tune, without going back to the School of Hard...
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    Hello from "Lake Effect"

    Do a search in Gallery for "Ruby" and pics of my CB-750F will come up. Sorry guys still figuring this out. I spend more time in the shop and only on the computer for parts and inspiration. My inspiration came from watching Dutin Kott transform old treasures. I spent a winter watching "Naked...
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    Hello from "Lake Effect" Still trying to figure out how to post a picture, I posted in my images
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    Hello from "Lake Effect"

    Just an intro to share my "sanity" projects during the harsh winters in NW PA. I posted "Ruby" in bike pictures today. Let me know if you like it. I'm currently working on a 1974 BMW R60/6 Cafe this winter. I'm an old guy so go easy on me.
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