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    HONDA SL350 / CB350 TANK .. Clean Inside w/ Latch

    Price Drop. $39 8)
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    HONDA SL350 / CB350 TANK .. Clean Inside w/ Latch

    Hello dudes.. Gota tank here.. 350, not sure exactly which though lol .. You decide if youre into it. I ended up not using this tank for anything, so.. . Im sure one of you guys can make some use of it. Tank has a few dents, ou can see the main ones from the images.. Insides look quite...
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    $107,000++ kawasaki kz1000?!?!?! wow!!!

    got damn.. well done.
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    Newbie needs help with XS 750 wiring

    The diagam is really good for setting up the ignition and charging systems up properly, thats all the important shit.. Light and Gauges can be wired in very easily afterwards..
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    Newbie needs help with XS 750 wiring

    IMO, I would rip it all to hell and start over.. But, I tend to see this as normal practice when dealing with any bike older than 85', i do understand some dont and the saying "if it aint broke, dont fix it" does still have much merit.. it's all case by case though.. not everyones builds go the...
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    Newbie needs help with XS 750 wiring

    Hope these help.. I color code'd it all to the best of my futile abilities and in the end, got my buddies XS750 running.. Adding lights and Accesories should be easy after wards.. Top one is Wiring with some Light and Accessoires.. Bottom is a cleaned up version with alot less to look at...
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    Top 10 Hipster Motorcycles!!!

    Ha.. You gentlemen are silly.. Its the "Non-Hipsters" who keep the 'hipster' bullshit alive, believe it or not.. And it's giving me ulcers.. Congrats. ::)
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    Battery type for permanent magnet alternator?

    You could consider a Sparx Capacitor. Running one on a XS650 PMA charging system I pieced together from Banshee parts.. Works well, no headlight flicker.
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    HD XR750 Replica?

    Engine-wise, you could prolly save a few bucks getting an old Ironhead/Sportser engine.. But yeah, I want to see this happen.
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    New to DTT... first bike, first build, but it's only getting better!

    I started on DTT then went over to XSForum when i started the first 650 build.. Glad to see you on this side! Still number one XS cafe.
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    XS650 Rear Hoop

    Got one for yeh.. $28.59 - Shippe'd to yer. Sat at the end of this frame, till i frakenstein'd it. - - PayPal.
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    "wasted spark"

    I run a wasted spark ignition system for my 76' XS650 - Twin.. Kicks teh piss out of both the stock mechanical and TCI Ignitions released with the bike. Pamco Wasted Spark designed by Pete McLean.. Better throttle Response. Better Mileage. Much better/Hotter Spark. Aloot less wires, Alot less...
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    XS650 Parts Sale! Hardtail Frame, Engine Partout, Carbs, Bits.

    Alrigth fellas.. Aquired a bunch of parts from a 650 project I picked up. Using what I need for a tracky/braty build, so, everything else goes... Shipping is Included in the price. So, what you see, is what you're paying. I might have multiples of parts, so, if you still see it up, its...
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    Looking for 35mm Clipons

    Sup dudes. Looking for a cheap pair of 35mm clip-ons, shipped to Hell, Arizona. 85308 Thanks
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    540cc Honda 360 Engine

    Ohh wow.. lol keep us posted brother.
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