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    Goldwing 78' brat style

    I think I like the idea of the home made fuel tank under the faux GL tank, but how much fuel does it hold? It looks very small. And, given the freedom you've been given with the tank, don't you think a more slender (faux) would look better on top? Visually, the rest of the bike looks stripped to...
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    Project GOLDWING, a 76 GL1000

    Indeed, what have you done for a gas tank? And how does she ride/handle? And some more photos, please? Nice bike! M.
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    1981 XS650 Project Something or other (going cafe-ish)

    I believe you've taken many liberties with that frame. It looks swell, I just hope it holds up to the task (strength and rigidity). I can only imagine what you have in your mind for the tail section. It's not bad - it's quite nice actually, more of an 80's superbike sort of thing - but my heart...
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    HollywoodMX's xv920/TR1 Cafe super-dupe!

    This thread will step up when the motor starts coming into being, I think. Edge of the seat stuff! (XVRacer, your nick sounds suggestive. Have you built any XVs? Do tell) M.
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    Honda XR650L Thumpster

    Better. Can you do the same with the smaller tank? M.
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    Honda XR650L Thumpster

    I really like small tanks, so instinctively I'd vote for the Ace. But I rekon it sits too high up and you'll have some dificulty designing and building the seat/tail section to look like they belong together and to the bike. It will be a challenge but I'd very much want to see it happen. M.
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    Something different.......

    It looks real nice! This may not be entirely on topic, but might I suggest you fit rearsets. I think the bike (especially with you on it) would look more aggressive and I'd expect it be more comfortable to ride too... ...just don't get excited and attack corners as if on a sportbike. Just a...
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    83 Honda shadow 750 build

    Well done! What's next? M.
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    '81 CM400T Street tracker "Comstar Love"

    That's a seriously nice bike! How's she riding? Any more photos? Concerning loud mufflers (not yours specifically) the most effective solution (keeping the looks) would be to fit a "quiet core". I've done this to my Tyga Maggot (obnoxiously loud at first, reasonable now) with an insert off a...
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    83 Honda shadow 750 build

    What's important is you to like the your bike. I attach a cafe photo as evidence though
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    83 Honda shadow 750 build

    I'd go for a cafe look with rearsets, clipons and a bum stop on the seat, but since you've already built the seat, I vote for tracker. I believe you'll need to raise the rear though, True. Have fun. That's what matters. M.
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    Another project to add to my pile. GPz1100

    Nice one. What are you planning to do to/with it? M.
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    moto guzzi v50 iii cafe racer winter project

    Atta boy! Very nice indeed. Any chance for more photos... like a lot more? M.
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    KZ440 First build, FINISHED

    Re: KZ440 First build, starting reassembly The part of the frame going from the steering stem downwards is just two rails (tubes) which then curve backwards. I would think that they would be better braced (reinforced) somehow if any spirited riding is in the bike's future. Just an impulsive...
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    KZ440 First build, FINISHED

    Re: KZ440 First build, starting reassembly didn't come cheap, did it? Cool bike. I love the humped tank over the clipons. What are you doing with the engine? Specs? And don't you need to brace the frame underneath? Two curved metal pipes just hanging there without any sort of bracing...
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