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    1980 GS450 with a Honda Scrabler Style Exhaust

    I’ve got a GS450 too and am looking into a 2-1 set up but to see some high pipes is cool. If you are worried about welds you could tack it and take it in to a shop to lay a nice bead on and paint em black if you want it coated. I’d bet you would be close to price of the wrap if you go this route...
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    GS1100G Resto-mod

    Got some space worked out. I know it doesn’t look like much but half the battle was making my tools accessible. Hard to do anything when everything I need is behind a pile o’crap ! Got the motor out. It went smoothly until I realized how it was stupid of me to leave the wheels, drive hub and...
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    GS1100G Resto-mod

    Way late on replying, new job is in full swing and is kicking my ass on a daily basis. Hired on with the Columbus Fire Department. In academy until February and then will be placed at a station after that. Just realized Mid- O is THIS WEEKEND! Shit! My course load for EMT is pretty heavy but I...
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    GS1100G Resto-mod

    VMD is not looking likely. I think the academy will be stealing my soul very soon. Then, that baby boy! That would be sick. Even though it seems like a Japanese v-twin is more his style (and more comfortable due to back problems). If he at least takes it for a spin that’ll make me happy. The...
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    GS1100G Resto-mod

    Thanks man. It’s been busy month but we love the house. Nearly everyday there is a moment we look around in disbelief that it’s OUR HOUSE. Crazy shit! Life’s on the up and I feel extremely lucky.
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    GS1100G Resto-mod

    We recently bought a house and finally moved in last Saturday. I’ve been off work (and will be until the 18th when I start with CFD). Being off has been nice but have been quite busy getting things all moved and set up at our new place. My fiancé is currently 33weeks pregnant and is busy making...
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    KLR You Experienced? I am now...

    Re: KLR You Experienced? Err, kinda not really. If I were you I’d smell my oil and inspect to see if much gas made it that far. That much flooding, I’m sure it’s in there and that’s no bueno for bearings/clutches etc. I’d change the oil/filter out as soon as you confirm your carb is dialed in...
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    GS1100G Resto-mod

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    GS1100G Resto-mod

    I messaged Murray(cxman) “the only time it affects anything is if you have a brass diffuser that the smaller head jet wont hold in place or the overall height is shorter it does have to make it to the fuel in the bowl” This was good news to me! Should be a-ok on that mistake. Partzilla...
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    GS1100G Resto-mod

    Thanks for the details man. I was sure I double checked before placing my order but was rushing and using my cell phone to order so I can see some room for me to make that mistake. I’m leaning towards buying the correct ones now but I heeded your advice and messaged Murray to get a definite...
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    1998 Gsxr 750 build

    Wheels are looking good. What paint did you go with? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Project xs750 lowrider

    +1 Keep at it! Been following along on this thread and I appreciate your persistence. Anytime in a thread that some one shares a major frustration and gets right back at it, I remember it when I’m ready to throw in the towel myself. Can wait to see the finished tank and seat. Loving the lines on...
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    Yamaha TW200.. the swamp donkey

    Lookin kewl Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    GS1100G Resto-mod

    Partzilla order should be here by Tuesday. I plan to have carb tops polished, slide needles shimmed and everything ready to install when the remainder of the parts arrive. Quick question for anyone reading. My larger main jets arrived and I apparently purchased the small mains as opposed to the...
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    Post a pic of your motorcycle as it sits

    Thanks man! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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