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    CB550F Oil leak?

    Orange silicon is evidence someone has been in there that doesn't know what they are doing or at least don't know how to use that stuff correctly. By the looks of that leak they used too much and didn't let it tack enough and squeezed it all out when they tightened the cover down. That stuff is...
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    Jetting for rebuilt filters CB360

    That jet is the main jet for when you are running at speed with the slide rising. You need them both to be the same unless you notice a major difference in mixtures between sides. Plug chops and just overall running will tell you what you should need but I would personally run the same sized...
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    Running on one cylinder intermittently (CB450)

    Left side running like that can be a fuel issue since that has the longer hose. Make sure it flows correctly, no kinks or tough bends. If you are using in line filters take them out and see if that helps. Also, pamcos are known for intermittent issues, take it out and put points back in to...
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    Navy Exchange to open to all veterans...

    Thank you gentlemen I'm passing this around as well. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
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    73 cb450

    Seat covers can be had on eBay if you look around, they are not that hard to change out if the foam is still good. Nice find btw. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
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    Cb500 unstable in turns after new parts

    Ive found when messing around with stem bearings, especially tapered kits over the ball type that you if you torque them too much they can act funny, leaves a spot just off center that you will fight against trying to keep the bike straight. This will happen if you have the ball bearings as well...
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    ANY HELP WELCOME!!! CB350 Clutch Actuator Clicking

    Step one setting the clutch for the first time is to pull that cover off the side of the bike and look at the angle of the actuator arm when all adjustments are slacked, IE each adjuster screwed all the way into the cover and the handle. If that arm is not pointed down at a 45ish degree angle...
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    1975 honda cb500t starter question

    If the starter turns over, then the starter works, the clutch not engaging the stator rotor/fly wheel is the issue. Fix could be just as simple as pulling the stator rotor and freeing up the rollers and springs.
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    1975 honda cb500t starter question

    500t's have known issues with the starter clutch that is under/inside the flywheel/stator rotor on the left side. They have small rollers and springs that can wear out or get stuck. They also have issues with the screws that hold the clutch on coming loose and backing out into the case which can...
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    CB360 Neutral Wire (light green/red) has ~8V voltage when in Gear...Normal?

    Depending on the year the switch is either the ground for just the light circuit or the ground for the circuit that causes the starter to be locked out while the engine is in gear as well as the light circuit. Either way I would expect some voltage measured with the key on and the switch...
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    Pamco Electronic Ignition for CB360 (rotor interference issue)

    Highly suggest filling those bath tubs with oil before you try to crank that poor thing over, it will run quite a while without any oil pressure up top on first start up and those tubs are meant to hold oil for the cams during that time.
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    Regulator/Rectifire wiring question

    If that is the unit you bought do you have a 350 twin or a 4? That unit is for a 4. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
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    72 CB450 - Running on one cylinder - Please help

    I would say that you are correct in thinking you need to reset the timing or at least check it. I would also bet you need to balance the carbs as best you can too. Could be running more so on one cylinder because of lack of fuel on the other.
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    Jetting for rebuilt filters CB360

    If you can't hear or notice any change with the idle screws then you are either idling to fast or they are plugged. If the carbs are not synced you are wasting your time messing with the idle mixture as you are probably running more on one cylinder and the side is past that circuit in the carb...
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    Jetting for rebuilt filters CB360

    Don't oil the hell out of the foam, more oil causes more restriction, just want very little bit. Get the carbs all tuned up correctly and then do some plug chops to see where you are. Jets should be 95-100 from factory, later rebuild kits had the wrong stuff in them. Would suggest getting some...
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