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    Howdy. Old guy with old bikes

    I have a Quicksilver MX Sprint II (2-seat) project almost built, and a standard MX (RTF). I also have a pile of parts that almost makes another MX, just lacking nose gear and sails.
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    Howdy. Old guy with old bikes

    Updates on my situation and bike collection- I semi-retired as of the end of 2017, and stopped taking client work. I also started selling off bikes at that time. Since then, I sold over a dozen. We sold our slice of the family property in Laredo, Texas moved north 285 miles to Leander, Tx; our...
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    '64 Triumph Thunderbird street tracker

    Sent you a PM with all the info...
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    '64 Triumph Thunderbird street tracker

    Sold this bike too cheap, just had TOO MANY bikes!
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    100/100/100/100 Ride in the spring

    I was FINALLY able to do a 100/100/100/100/100/100 ride last April (2019). Me (61 at the time) aboard my '70 Bonneville (49 at the time) = 110 Temperature in South Texas at the time = 100F+ Laredo to Hebbronville and back, for lunch = 111 miles Topped 100 MPH at least once Averaged over 100...
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    Brat/rat first chop

    Yep, Yamaha used composite plastics for bushings. Nice when new, but they don't stay new very long!
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    Doing the ton, legally!

    Just got back from visiting our son in Germany, and driving down to Switzerland to ski. All that, to say this: He has a mildly updated Audi S5, and he let me drive (yes, I got my International Driver's Permit). We cruised the Autobahn at 130+ like it was a Sunday drive. Sucker would get up to...
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    '77 BMW R100S - Refresh

    Dang, that is looking mighty nice, and it WILL do the ton!
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    68 Yamaha YDS5-E

    I can only assume "lick to make it big" is a typo... VERY nice Big Bear.
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    You can go to the BBQ equivalent of Taco Bell, they're called "Smoky Moe's", and get some of the best BBQ in the state. They are all over the area. Anyway, if you'll be here after the faces, give me a holler. I'm fishing till Sunday, but home sunday evening on... 9 five six 23 one 6 eight seven 1
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    Post a pic of your motorcycle as it sits

    Nice XS ...but not to excess...
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    Post a pic of your motorcycle as it sits

    Bit the bullet and got a storage unit so I can have room to work in my garage. MUCH BETTER!!! Sold the Norton, bodywork is at the painters; about to pull off the brake calipers & master cylinders for overhaul- Honda MB5 is getting a rebuilt engine, the seals are shot on this one. Will teach...
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    The best thing about this month's BOTM choices is... THEY ARE SIMILAR IN STYLE! This is a real "head-to-head" choice, much better than a half-litre dual-purpose up against a litre-plus cafe racer. VERY WELL DONE to BOTH builders!
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    More ultralight stuff... In the bed of the truck is enough parts to build a trike frame, plus an engine. Just need some wing sails and a propeller!
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    modified, aftermarket, or custom. nothing is safe (78 KZ1000)

    Wowzer, that sure is nice.
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