Doing the ton, legally!


Author, "Old Bikes"
Just got back from visiting our son in Germany, and driving down to Switzerland to ski.

All that, to say this: He has a mildly updated Audi S5, and he let me drive (yes, I got my International Driver's Permit). We cruised the Autobahn at 130+ like it was a Sunday drive. Sucker would get up to 100MPH in a few seconds.

VERY nice.

I was all set to ride the bike of a friend of his (my son's Ducati has been sitting too long), then it rained. I wanted to add another country to places ridden. So far just 28 states in the U.S., and 2 or 3 places in Mexico. If only his Duc would have been rideable, I could have taken it out and seen what it could do, totally legally...

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