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    Is this what it is supposed to feel like?

    I'd only ditch the pipe if I could find a suitable replacement exhaust in good shape. Yeah a lot of it goes on feel and ya'll can't feel the bike. I bet it would run a bit smoother, but I have reached my limit on money and time I can spend on it right now, so its a little frustrating. A test...
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    Is this what it is supposed to feel like?

    Kanticoy I think what would really benefit me would be to ride another Cb550 that was in tip top shape. I have no baseline to measure this bike against since it wasn't rideable when I got it. I know for a fact the bike will need an engine rebuild eventually. The compression is on the low end of...
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    Is this what it is supposed to feel like?

    Haha I have since ditched the saddlebags. I was originally going to put a set of stock pipes for it, but I could never find a set that was in good enough shape, for a good enough price. I haven't done any clutch work on the bike, so I bet they are getting a bit worn. The bike has 18k on it...
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    Is this what it is supposed to feel like?

    Thanks for all the replies everyone! The cables are all new and I lubed them myself. Did have some issues with clutch cable binding, but it was just routed improperly. I didn't mean that I'm slipping the clutch, and im 160 lbs haha. I just mean that the bike won't get moving until the clutch...
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    Is this what it is supposed to feel like?

    Isn't that the truth! The SV is a beast and I ride the damn thing everywhere! I have neither the time or money to rebuild the CB with all the fancy upgrades. I like your advice of just learning to enjoy it for what it is. I've only ridden it a few times since I finished it, and not for long...
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    Is this what it is supposed to feel like?

    Hey all. I've recently completed a restoration of a 1974 CB550. I've put years and thousands of dollars into this bike. I finally got it rideable and finished a few months ago. But I am facing a huge problem. I don't enjoy riding it at all. Are vintage bikes supposed to be so slow to...
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    1978 CB550: complete or parting out

    Ah too bad. I dont think it'll fit. Thanks though!
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    1978 CB550: complete or parting out

    Is there a luggage rack?
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    Starting without key

    plus 1
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    In over my head?

    Don't worry about the size of the bike. With a little practice you will be just as comfortable on it as you would be a 250. Confidence on a bike all comes from the rider, not from the bike.
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    Custom Helmet paint

    Damn you've got some serious skill. Very impressive work.
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    how does one go about learning how to build a cafe racer?

    Just start taking the bike apart. You'll learn pretty quickly how everything works. Carbs are a good place to start. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk HD
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    Turn Signal Mount/Placement

    rear turn on the shock mounts. front maybe a small bracket just below the headlight? Or even on the handlebars
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    all balls tapered steering bearings torque value

    Torque value isnt as important for steering bearings. What i did was prop up the front end of the bike and tighten the bearings until there was no wiggle in the forks. If you put the front end in the middle, i think it should stay there. I can't remember since I havent done it in a while. Can...
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    KZ 400 Kawakazi Almost Finished!!!

    This bike should be on pipeburn or bikeexif!
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