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    2019 CVMG Paris - swap and show

    I will be camped out on the far right over by the Kawi Triple guys, to the right of the race track. I have some NOS Vesrah and Athena VALVE SEALS in original packaging 10 seals per bag - asking $10/bag. Here is what they fit : replaces HONDA #12209-413-003 Q'ty Maker Model...
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    2019 CVMG Paris - swap and show

    I have been going since 2010 and only missed a few because of my wedding anniversary. I ride there with a buddy of mine, he is into Honda's and I am into Kawasaki's - But I still talk to him :) Lots to see in the grounds and even in the parking lot, especially if the weather is good.
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    2019 CVMG Paris - swap and show

    June 14-16
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    2019 CVMG Paris - swap and show

    Was wondering who is going? I had to miss last year but am registered for this year. Been working on a new bike to ride there with more luggage and carry capacity to do the camping thing.
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    Paris Swap Meet and Show

    Who's going? I will be there from early Friday till early Sunday... Doing the Camping thing again.
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    Paris Ontario April 29.

    I will be there, was working on a bike to ride but it still needs some work so pulled out the bike I rode there last year. Hoping the rain holds off for the ride back.
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    79 Kawasaki KZ650 - 8 minute video, 282 West, Pennsylvania

    Re: 79 Kawasaki KZ650 - Engine Assembly I recommend filling the oil pump up with fresh oil prior to installing the oil pan, that way it won't suck air upon first start. Looks like a pretty clean build, you should be proud of that... too many guys rush this sort of thing. You also may want to...
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    79 Kawasaki KZ650 - 8 minute video, 282 West, Pennsylvania

    Re: 79 Kawasaki KZ650 - Engine Assembly Not to bust your balls but if you look at a completely stock motor that has never been split they don't trim the excess off... Every KZ motor I have ever seen has it squished out uneven, and if you apply thin then it will not look out of place. I have...
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    London Riders?

    I am from London, not been on here for a while but have a vintage bike and do some riding around the North end of town. I ride a '77 KZ650 I am getting ready for the Paris Swap meet and possibly that Grand Bend event.
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    Custom Parts and Machining

    Specializing in custom one off fabrication... swingarms,airboxes,rear sets,oil coolers Anything you need I can make Any make or model Cycle Canada Showcase feature bike Located in Hamilton, Ont., Canada Call 905-689-1790 ask for Bill
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    Stock KZ900 Pistons/Rings

    Stock KZ900 Pistons w rings Low KM in great shape... original pistons with newer OEM rings $50 - local pickup only (unless you want to pay shipping) Located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Call 905-689-1790 ask for Bill
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    Sun Rim - WM4.5 X 18" $60

    Older used Sun aluminum rim ('85?) - has some tool marks from tire irons on the edges Satin finish with 40 hole pattern WM4.5 size - 18" dia x 2.75" wide... will fit a 110-120 tire Will build up true - came off the front of a KZ900 Superbike $60 - local pickup only (unless you want to pay...
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    Corbin Gunfighter Seat

    seat is now SOLD - Thanks for looking
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    Corbin Gunfighter Seat

    This model fits Kawasaki 900-1000 from 1973-1980... it might also fit some other bikes with some mounting alterations, it has a fiberglass seat pan. This seat is a few years old but has seen very little use and its always covered up out of the sunlight... I want to sell it because I had a...
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    Seat recovering guy in St. Catharines?

    Thanks Joe. Cheers!
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