2019 CVMG Paris - swap and show


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Was wondering who is going?

I had to miss last year but am registered for this year.

Been working on a new bike to ride there with more luggage and carry capacity to do the camping thing.


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I'll be there for Friday and Saturday, have had my booth space reserved since early January. Will be selling miscellaneous bike bits from the '50's, '60's, '70's and even some late model stuff (from the '80's LOL).
May have a few bits of new fiberglass, possibly some peel'n'stick racer seat foam and various fiberglass motorcycle parts moulds for sale if they'll fit in the truck.
If you've never attended before, make the effort. There are lots of vendors, lots of bikes and if the weather is good, ride out and enjoy some of the nicest scenery in Ontario.
Hope to see a you at Paris.
PS like your ride.


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I have been going since 2010 and only missed a few because of my wedding anniversary.

I ride there with a buddy of mine, he is into Honda's and I am into Kawasaki's - But I still talk to him :)

Lots to see in the grounds and even in the parking lot, especially if the weather is good.


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I will be camped out on the far right over by the Kawi Triple guys, to the right of the race track.

I have some NOS Vesrah and Athena VALVE SEALS in original packaging
10 seals per bag - asking $10/bag.

Here is what they fit :

replaces HONDA #12209-413-003

Q'ty Maker Model Name Year
4 Pcs HONDA CB250 Nighthawk 91-92
2 Pcs HONDA CB400A 78
2 Pcs HONDA CB400T Hawk 80-81
2 Pcs HONDA CB400TI Hawk I 78-79
2 Pcs HONDA CB400TII Hawk II 78-79
2 Pcs HONDA CM400A Hondamatic 79-81
2 Pcs HONDA CM400C Custom 400 81
2 Pcs HONDA CM400E 80-81
2 Pcs HONDA CM400T 79-81
2 Pcs HONDA CB450SC Nighthawk 82-86
2 Pcs HONDA CB450T Hawk 82
2 Pcs HONDA CM450A Hondamatic 82-83
2 Pcs HONDA CM450C Custom 450 82
2 Pcs HONDA CM450E 82-83
2 Pcs HONDA CMX450C Rebel 450 86-87
2 Pcs HONDA VT500C Shadow 500 83-86
2 Pcs HONDA VT500FT Ascot 83-84
2 Pcs HONDA VT600C Shadow VLX 91-07
2 Pcs HONDA VT600CD Shadow VLX Deluxe 93-07
2 Pcs HONDA VT600CD2 Shadow VLX Deluxe 99-00
2 Pcs HONDA XL600V Transalp 89-90
2 Pcs HONDA NT650 Hawk GT 88-91
4 Pcs HONDA XR650R 00-07
4 Pcs HONDA TRX700XX 08-16
2 Pcs HONDA VT750CDA(B/C/D) Shadow ACE 02-03
2 Pcs HONDA VT750DC Shadow Spirit 01-02
2 Pcs HONDA VT750DCA(B) Shadow Spirit 01-07
2 Pcs HONDA VT750RS Shadow 10-14
2 Pcs HONDA PC800 Pacific Coast 89-90 94-98
6 Pcs HONDA VT1100C Shadow Spirit 97-07
6 Pcs HONDA VT1100C2 Shadow ACE 98-01 Sabre 00-07
6 Pcs HONDA VT1100C3 Shadow Aero 98-02
6 Pcs HONDA VT1100D2 Shadow ACE 99
6 Pcs HONDA VT1100T Shadow ACE Tourer 98-01
6 Pcs HONDA VT1300CR(A) 10-16
6 Pcs HONDA VT1300CS(A) 10-16
6 Pcs HONDA VT1300CT 10-16
6 Pcs HONDA VT1300CTA 13-16
6 Pcs HONDA VT1300CX(A) 10-16
6 Pcs HONDA VT1300CXAA Fury ABS 10-17
6 Pcs HONDA VTX1300C 04-09
6 Pcs HONDA VTX1300R 05-09
6 Pcs HONDA VTX1300S Retro 03-07
6 Pcs HONDA VTX1300T 08-09
4 Pcs HONDA VTX1800C 02-08
4 Pcs HONDA VTX1800F 05-08
4 Pcs HONDA VTX1800N 04-08
4 Pcs HONDA VTX1800R(S) 02-08
4 Pcs HONDA VTX1800T 07-08

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