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    What are you wrenching on over the weekend?

    What are you wrenching on over the weekend? We are working on a cafe racer seat constructed on a 3mm 6061 aluminium seat pan. Share your project here!!!
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    [New Fuel Tank] Honda XR650 scrambler project

    Hi! My friend wants to build a scrambler from a 2000 Honda XR650 and these are the parts he needs to complete the project, fuel tank, fenders, lights, exhaust and custom seat. I have prepared mockups for his approval and I am happy to share them. There are 4 compatible tanks CHAMP XL, GT...
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    Who else got a p.m. from "raremoto"

    A big THANK YOU to Cory and Levi! ;) Raretro Moto is offering 40% discount on "SPEEDSTER" saddles. Use the coupon code "big40" to redeem the discount. Promotion will expire by 12/31/15. There are many colours to choose from. Thank you! Ken Tam Raretro Moto
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    kz400 cafe seat from ebay(city of collectibles)

    Dear, Sorry to hear about your story. Paying an extra tax USD140 for something inappropriate is a pain the ass. I purchased a saddle from "cityofcollectables" last month as well and I thought it's a very nice product! Very high quality and great workmanship. Seller was very responsive and...
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    Who else got a p.m. from "raremoto"

    Dear builders, It's nice to meet you! This is Ken, the owner and creator of Raretro Moto. I am here hoping to clear things up and answer your queries. Yes, we are giving out FREE cafe racer saddles to qualified bike builders. All you will need to pay is a shipping fee of USD35. The deal is...
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