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    TR1 wannabefast&light

    "even more BAD-ASS than Ichiban moto" , Is that even possible??? Great bike, I am constantly amazed at the beautiful bikes guys are making with the Virago - TR1.
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    GPZ550 cafe racer

    Great start, excellent selection. Are there many Japanese bikes from before the Soviet demise? As to the rear wheel clearance it looks nearly unchanged, and with the lighter bike it may be fine. Plus the "drop link" form the rocker to the swing arm, looks a easy way to adjust, just make it...
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    '81 TR1 build.................(yup another Mojave tank combo!!)

    Wow, we have had some excellent TRi-Virago builds, and this joins towards the top. Very nice detailing and an excellent overall form. Just beautifully conceived and executed.
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    Suzuki gsx 1100e caferacer build

    Congratulations, you have done a great job.
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    CL175 sporty-resto

    This looks like a very sensible resto.
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    XV920RH cafe racer From holland

    What shock did you decide on? I think the bike needed a lift in the rear.
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    Kawasaki 2 Stroke "Mongrel"

    Great bike, great thread.
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    83 XV920 - yeah it's a virago, but not for long

    Me to, looked like a good start.
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    The Stock Bike

    This should be a very interesting build! Watching.
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    Pjdaves DRZ 400 scrambler

    Exceptionally good work, both aesthetically and mechanically excellent.
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    Motomia ENZO 150 CDI Cafe Racer Build (South Africa)

    It appears that the Motomia is a South African brand? I do not believe they are available here in the US? Looks interesting, and that is a good choice for a seat. Interesting to use a nearly new bike, if the price was right that should make for a sanitary build without all the rust, corrosion...
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    82 virago 750 "desert rat"

    Re: Xv750 build and advice Sorry you are not getting any advice on your questions. Have you tried aftermarket piston companies, like Wiseco?
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    Norton 880 Commando Dreer VR special cafe racer

    Re: Norton 880 Commando Special As to the seat I was hoping to find a sourse for a similar (same?) seat. Your bike is coming along veery nicely.
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    Norton 880 Commando Dreer VR special cafe racer

    Re: Norton 880 Commando Special I really like that seat, however, Googling it comes up with nothing relevant. Just what is that seat off of??
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    Seeley 519 CB750

    I believe you are wrong, I should think many will find this very interesting. Please just don't take 10 years to do it.
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