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    Just For Fun --- How OLD Are You?

    66, I'll be 67 in December. How did I get this old? I knew I was getting older when the moms of the freshmen girls at the local college looked hot!
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    Just For Fun --- How OLD Are You?

    Just turned 66 in December. I thought getting old would take longer! Glad we have such a wide range of ages represented. It's all about learning from each other and supporting others with the same disease. Sent from my iPhone using DO THE TON
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    CB450 Blowing Oil From Vent

    Looks like a top end rebuild is in order. Thanks for the help. I'll take lots of pictures and post the rebuild. Hope to start in a week or two. Skyeye
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    CB450 Blowing Oil From Vent

    Guys, Thanks for all the suggestions. Here's what I have so far 1) I did the oil change two months ago so I know it was done right and no problems until now. Probably 500+ miles since the oil change. 2) Just did a compression check and got 80 psi in the left cylinder and 100 in the right...
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    CB450 Blowing Oil From Vent

    Good morning everyone! I've been working on cars with my son and haven't been wrenching in bikes for some time, riding yes, wrenching, no. Now I have a problem. I'm working on a 1973 Honda CB450 that I brought back from 8 years in storage. It's been running great for about a year. Yesterday...
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    Alright PA crew, time for roll call!!!!

    SKYEYE here, I'm in Selinsgrove. DTTers welcome to wrench and have a few beers!! Scott
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    pics of you riding you bike

    Son following Dad to to love those family bonding opportunities!
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    CB750k 78 First ride. Not so good...

    This is why I love this place!! Oh, +1 on teazer's idea to check the fuel tank vent. Scott
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    CB750k 78 First ride. Not so good...

    If your plugs looked lean then it could be fuel starvation. When I went to pod filters I had to go up two sizes AND move the clip on the jet needle up a notch to get enough fuel. I've got a couple of CB 750's myself, so here's what I'd check out if you think the jetting is correct: 1. Do you...
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    BWahahaha seriously?

    I'll second McMaster Carr for fasteners. I usually get my stuff overnight from them ( warehouse is located in NJ). The web site might take some getting used to but the prices are good and the service is exceptional. You might also consider a trip to your local Fastenal store. They may or...
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    Title never transfered to current owner in PA

    mdfergus, I bought a 1975 CB750 from a dealer that had in the back of the shop for a few years. The original owner had signed the title and sent it to the dealer but it was never transferred. I didn't have any trouble registering it since I had a valid title with the signature of the owner...
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    Info for PA riders...

    More drag strips Scott
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    Alright PA crew, time for roll call!!!!

    Scott and son Matt Selinsgrove, PA about 40 miles north of Harrisburg - Susquehanna University is located here. Selinsgrove Speedway too! 1975 Honda CB750F running 1975 Honda CB750F waiting restoration 1976 Honda CB750F parts bike 1976 Honda CB750K waiting restoration And a few Buells.....
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    New old new racer

    Welcome! Finally, someone older than me on this forum! Scott
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    anybody see the last launch this morning of the shuttle

    Here's the latest schedule of remaining flights: Scott
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