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    Cb450/500t track bike

    16mm master on one AP caliper is way too big. Using the vintage brake ratio chart, the 12mm is a perfect size. I run the 12mm Brembo and a single AP caliper on my race bike and the brake feel is great. I wouldn't use anything else.
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    Cb750f swingarm upgrade to cb400sf

    Primary concern is having wheels inline with each other along with sprocket alignment a close second. You could fab shock mounts to compensate for any offset in the swingarm once mounted.
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    Cb450/500t track bike

    Be a perfect bike to come play in Formula 500 with AHRMA.
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    CNC machine or 3D printing help!

    If you have access to a lathe, you can make the 3 "cups" for each side, then hand cope the stock to mate up to it and have it welded. Probably cost under $100. No access to lathe, probably $300.
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    18" Front/Rear Shouldered Wheels Complete - CB750 - SOLD

    Re: 18" Front/Rear Shouldered Wheels Complete - CB750 - price drop Price drop.
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    18" Front/Rear Shouldered Wheels Complete - CB750 - SOLD

    Re: 18" Front/Rear Shouldered Wheels Complete - CB750 Offers?
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    18" Front/Rear Shouldered Wheels Complete - CB750 - SOLD

    Selling the wheels from my race bike last year. They are 18x2.15 front and 18x3.0 rear. Hubs have been lightened and rear has new bearings. Front has 20mm bearings that are in good condition but as raced last season. Rear comes with sprocket carrier w/ 520 46 tooth aluminum sprocket and brake...
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    Honda fork flip

    I ran my calipers on the rear a while back when I had stock dual discs. Its and easy enough thing to do, but how much difference it makes is probably immeasurable to the average rider. You would be far better off in the handling department to go bigger on forks and get a caliper that doesn't...
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    saving a 1980 KZ750 twin

    Really excellent work all around. I kept an eye on your 1000 project but just found this. Im a really picky guy and each component is something I would use. Well done.
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    Best tips on ensuring your carbs don't leak after a rebuild?

    Unless those are all Keihin factory parts, they are likely junk and will cause more issues than solve. Its pretty widely understood that there is no reason to replace brass unless broken, and to only do so with OEM parts. Gaskets may not make as much of a difference but often are made from...
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    Farm boy’s Rattle-can Racer

    Comprehension is fine, fuck you very much. I am aware of the similarities and differences of the process, just wanted to point out that one was not the other and vice versa.
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    Farm boy’s Rattle-can Racer

    Welding and soldering are not the same, no matter where you are from. Totally different processes.
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    Doing Research For Tracker Build Using Kawi Ninja 650 (Probably)

    Grab a hub from a Honda CB, 70's era. They are 6 hole pattern that is shared with more modern rotors from Ducati and Yamaha. That would allow you to run dual disc up front, though for a tracker, go with a big single disc and a good 6 piston caliper. That will be plenty of stopping power...
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    1998 Gsxr 750 build

    I committed to the Antigravity range of batteries for my total loss system on my race bike. When mine dies, I will look at EarthX as the over-discharge protection is actually far more important to me than overcharging, since I have an Optimate charger that monitors overcharging. They don't seem...
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    Ducati engined café racer

    Odd assumption. Don't hope you're right, as that gets people killed. Dirt bikes are not made to hook up instantly like a street bike. Good sticky tires and you may put the arm above its limits. Dirt bike parts dont always translate to street for a number of reasons. Please do your homework and...
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