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    1982 CB750F...Better Devil

    Interested to see what you find. My 1981 CB900 is a similar animal and has always had some rolling noise in the bottom end, worse when cold. Heard starter drives are a common noise in these too. At 49000 miles it is likely due for some love, bit it still rips so I rode on.
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    Cheap n Easy Wire Brush

    Pretty slick. Thanks.
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    Installing FI cbr125/250 throttle bodies on CL350 using microsquirt ECU

    Cool. Did you do the kit from Microsquirt that you assemble? I was looking at their stuff pretty hard a few years back for a turbo project. It seems you can have endless possibilities for everything...triggers,timing,boost,coil style. Very smart stuff.
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    Installing FI cbr125/250 throttle bodies on CL350 using microsquirt ECU

    That is a nice running XS. What did it hit for HP numbers?
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    Any experience with induction heating?

    The one I have used was shaped like a coil on the end of two leads on a tool the size of a curling iron. Its main purpose was heating up large bolts in a diesel repair shop. It worked amazing on things like frame or suspension bolts which normally are never disturbed and are rusted bad -...
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    Should I replace brake pads on ‘75 CB125?

    I agree with ex, even if they had been replaced once, the lining soaks in moisture from the air and breaks down the bond, especially on an aluminum base. Having a lining come off and jam the wheel to a stop would make the $20 bucks for a new shoe set seem a small price to pay. As for the lining...
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    Looking good. That is going to be an awesome machine.
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    1972/78 XS650 Heavy Metal Hardtail

    Looking great. I really dig that tank and the color.
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    Welcome to the World my Grand daughter Florence.

    Awesome man. A new life is a gift for sure. Congratulations!
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    Post a pic of your motorcycle as it sits

    Potato, Potato...
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    First Project Bike - 1981 XV750

    I think you will find the XV bikes good to work on. You are a good man to do a father son project . My son just turned 13 and we love our garage time. My 81 has been a great, fun, reliable ride. Looks like yours already has a single carb conversion on it possibly. I know I have a wiring diagram...
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    My two strokes

    I agree. I think I see a BOTM suggestion heading his way possibly....
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    Post a pic of your motorcycle as it sits

    I agree, bikes it is!! Had a few minutes at work to fool around with the new smoker project. Still mighty rough!
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    The dreaded P.O.S., or previous owners screw-ups.

    Got a few more pics today. Rubber oil cap fit as a tank rubber, I almost could not pull the tank of as it was so swollen. Tank JB welded over the rust, and stacks of SAE washers in place of tank rear mounts. I like fixing things like this. Anything you do is an improvement. :)
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    My two strokes

    Nice paint work. Do you do it yourself?
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