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    Brodie's W800

    i'm going friggin nuts, i get to go to the park with the dogs once a day and go down to see my mum once a week ( got a pass from the doctor) but otherwise i'm stuck here, no work so the jobkeeper is keeping our heads above water but no cash for beer or bike parts ( not that i'm allowed to go for...
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    Brodie's W800

    hi mate, been a while since i checked in, how is covid treating you up there ? just had a qui8ck look at the new W800 on line, very nice looking toy also had a look at the new model H2 while i was there, about 230hp, should be sufficient you'd think, unfortunately the only test ride ones...
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    Coronavirus - Old Biker's Solution

    i'm betting whoever is up on the international space station is in no hurry for their uber....
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    this style as, the rest of them not so much
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    union jack m/c has been gone for years, its been a cafe for quite some time, not sure where phil is now
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    jesus, those things were belted with the ugly stick from birth weren't they, those side panels................
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    Kawasaki Z650 Seventies Special

    just read the other week that bertrand is not long for this world, shame, interesting ( and possibly slightly mad ) bloke
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    VM30 Mikuni's and/or what engine mods on a 1980 XS250. What gains?

    Greg, you are a man of many surprises, really, racing an xs400 !!! Undoubtedly the least promising basis for a race bike ever Xspeed, listen to what this man has to say, despite being quite European his opinions and knowledge are respected by many Check out some of his own threads to see his...
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    Any other Aussies still around?

    I don't think anyone is going to miss out on the smoking therapy this year The whole country is dry as a nuns .. Be careful out there, especially going for a ride in the country, I nearly rode into the black Saturday fires cos I just had no idea they were happening
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    An Aspirational Australian

    g'day, spotty from melbourne , i used to have exactly the same bike in the 80s, i can guarantee thats not my one though as mine ended up with no front end and leaning against a builders had a hard life BUT i can tell you it should be capable of doing the ton, mine did it once down a...
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    Pet pics...

    me with dumb and dumber, leilani the great dane and finn the wolfie cross
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    Pet pics...

    gnocchi the black cat who was otto's bestest friend, and the can of air freshener on the table is totally necessary with those two farting monsters in the background
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    Pet pics...

    his little sister meg refusing to give ground to the great dane
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    Pet pics...

    my little man otto, went to the great scratching post in the sky this week, total kidney failure, he's gonna be missed
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    What bikes are the most collectible in 20 years time?

    early gsxr's vmax's ( both models ) H1, H2's, RDLC's, cos two strokes don't really exist any more and they're never going to come back, theres not many left and they wear out quick if ridden properly pretty much any street version of jap race bikes, RC51's, RZ500, RG500 etc in general, any...
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