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  1. Wishbone

    Where should i buy a hoop?

    Just bought a '77 CB750 and was planning on making it my cafe racer project. I checked online for rear frame hoops but I'm not sure what shops to trust or what I'm looking for. Amazon has done for 30$-50$ but they're stainless steel and other shops have them for 70$-200$ so I'm a bit confused...
  2. PhilH

    1976 CB400Four Cafe Build Mk2 (done properly this time)

    Hi Everyone, I’ve been reading Dotheton posts for a long time, but I’m only not getting around to my own project. I own a 1976 CB400 Four since around 2012. It was rebuild at a custom shop into a nice Café. Here it is mid-build, with new stainless spokes, gauges, headlight and triple tree...
  3. R

    Bypass Battery from Charging System: Motogadget/Lithium Battery

    Hi All, I'm in the process of building my CB550 wiring loom for a cafe racer build (photo below for attention!). I'm running a modern reg/rec with a higher output voltage than required for the Lithium battery, which I understand could damage it. I'm also using a Motogadget system. Is there a...
  4. C

    1976 CB360T not allowing fuel into carbs?

    Hello all, Forgive me if this is posted in the wrong spot, I'm brand new at this. I have a 1976 CB360T cafe project that I recently finished up, and I have a carb issue that I just can't figure out. I'm running pods and shorter exhaust, and the carbs are pretty much stock other than 110 main...
  5. 20200521_153620.jpg


    Picture of my sisters 1977 Yamaha RD 400 Drawing
  6. SMC-12180-2T.jpg


    2" beehive flush mount led stop / tail light - dot approved
  7. SMC-12180-5T.jpg


    2" beehive flush mount led stop / tail light - dot approved
  8. Guzzi 1000 cafe Project

    Guzzi 1000 cafe Project

    Guzzi 1000 cafe Project.. based on a Cali 3.. Alloy Endurance racing tank, seat still not finished.. not sure if it'll stay.
  9. smc350-RS520-2T.jpg


    CB350 520 Lightweight aluminum sprocket. We have them!
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