1976 CB400Four Cafe Build Mk2 (done properly this time)


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Hi Everyone,

I’ve been reading Dotheton posts for a long time, but I’m only not getting around to my own project.

I own a 1976 CB400 Four since around 2012. It was rebuild at a custom shop into a nice Café.
Here it is mid-build, with new stainless spokes, gauges, headlight and triple tree. Rest stock.


It ran well and was fun to ride, but the engine wasn’t out (it was within tolerance), and it definitely wasn’t a nuts and bolts rebuild.
So now’s the time to do it properly.

Here's how it was, post build;


The bike is already stripped and the engine and carb with a great mechanic who will take care of the engine parts.

Cb400f strip down.jpg

Frame, wheels etc. will be a joint venture between me and my custom shop.
Also the TTR400 Kevin has been giving me some solid advice, and I’ve got an order of goodness from him coming in the next days.

Firstly though, I have some questions for the engine build. Whilst it’s apart, I want to do it properly.

I have in mind the following;

- Stage 2 ported head
- 466cc Kit (Cruzin Image kit ordered)
- Crankshaft balanced
- Shot peened and balanced rods, plus new rod HD bolts
- Kibblewhite valve springs
- New HD cam chain
- Cam adjuster
- Main and big end bearings
- Clutch – swap for HD plates and springs.

And of course new seals, gaskets etc.

Anything major i'm missing here? Makes sense to do it now.
Kevin is going to give me the name of a decent street cam, as that's an option too

Thanks in advance.
Is there a higher capacity oil pump available for the thing?
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