1. C

    1976 CB360T not allowing fuel into carbs?

    Hello all, Forgive me if this is posted in the wrong spot, I'm brand new at this. I have a 1976 CB360T cafe project that I recently finished up, and I have a carb issue that I just can't figure out. I'm running pods and shorter exhaust, and the carbs are pretty much stock other than 110 main...
  2. Koestum

    XS1100 #2 Carb Main Nozzle

    My #2 carb main nozzle is has less feeder holes than the others. Is this correct for the #2 carb or is it the wrong nozzle? This has 2 feeders & 3 feeders... all the others have 4 & 4. My first Yamaha, all my Hondas we're consistent. Thanks
  3. IMG_20201105_104159412.jpg


    '78 Honda CM185, reviving the project
  4. speedmotoco


    perfect tank for your new cafe build! BeefyTank. Available at
  5. HerrDeacon

    Deacon's CB350

    I'm not totally finished my other project, but since I'm not going to be selling it until spring I'll just pick at it over the winter. I wanted to start on the 350 before winter set in so that I could try and get it started so that I could do a bit of evaluation, especially with regard to...
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