XS1100 #2 Carb Main Nozzle


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My #2 carb main nozzle is has less feeder holes than the others. Is this correct for the #2 carb or is it the wrong nozzle?

This has 2 feeders & 3 feeders... all the others have 4 & 4.

My first Yamaha, all my Hondas we're consistent.


Are there any numbers stamped into the nozzles? Typically Mikuni allocate a number from their series. That way it is usually easy to see if they are correct. But the model specific parts are not always available from Mikuni or the OEM.

In this case, if all other dimensions are exactly the same, it may be possible to drill additional air bleed holes with jet drills.
Thanks, ya I saw the single part # on the diagrams too.

Since posting I have found that on some bikes the factory used fewer feeder holes on the #2 & #3 carbs to try to keep center combustion chamber temps more consistent with the cooler outer combustion chambers.
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