1. HellSoldyr

    82 CB750 Nighthawk LED signal help

    My dad and I are almost done building a 82 CB750 and, i just can't to wrap my head around how to wire the LED indicators and the mini gauge with single LED idiot light and the diode. So on the bike i have: Double Orange and Blue coming from the switch Single Orange and Blue coming from the...
  2. L

    Charging system problem (Rick`s RR and custom wiring)

    Hi all. Need help with my charging system. Spec: Honda CB750 Boldor (RC04, 1982), Dyna 2000 (ignition and coil), custom wiring (based on Ultima Harness wiring), LiFePo4 battery and Rick's RR for lithium battery. Problem: battery not charging. I have already checked the RR and the alternator...
  3. L

    CB750 DOHC and Keihin CR31 settings

    Hello, everyone. I have a Honda CB750 Bol d'Or motorcycle (1982, DOHC, RC04) with Keihin CR31 carburetors, zero resistance filters, straight-through exhaust (4-2) and Dynatek 2000 electronic ignition installed. The engine itself has no tuning. The problem is a rich mixture on all modes. But...
  4. Radicalryan

    Engine swap on a cb 360

    Alright alright, my engine took a shit on me recently. I love the body. The tank is pristine. I want to swap a bigger motor. 600-750. I want recommendations, thoughts, comments... any advice you wanna shoot.
  5. jungalist

    1982 CB750F brought back from the death

    Tought i'd be nice to write up my latest project. I'ts been a while since i've been on here, got a bit older and the toys got a little bit bigger... Storytime starts with a message I got of someone who knew a guy who needed to clean out his garage (his better half told him to) and had a...
  6. J

    Cb750 possible carb issue. Need help!

    1978 Cb750k Possible carb issue? No power in first gear. hey guys, it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. I’m having an issue with my CB 750. A little context I did the cafe thing, got the bike going, cleaned the carbs, replaced suspension and pretty much everything to get it going and rode...
  7. C

    79 CB750F M-Unit M-Button, Ricks R/R, Revival Cycles Starter Solenoid Wiring Diagram Help

    Hello I am trying to create a wiring diagram for a 79 CB750 F Super Sport. This is what I was able to create from what I gathered online and am about to start the process. Can I get some input to see if this looks like it will work? I am having trouble around Reg/Rec, CDI boxes, Starter...
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