Charging system problem (Rick`s RR and custom wiring)


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Hi all.

Need help with my charging system.
Spec: Honda CB750 Boldor (RC04, 1982), Dyna 2000 (ignition and coil), custom wiring (based on Ultima Harness wiring), LiFePo4 battery and Rick's RR for lithium battery.
Problem: battery not charging.

I have already checked the RR and the alternator according to the manuals (for breaks, etc.) — everything works well, apparently. My main theory is crooked hands and incorrect connection.
Below I have attached a diagram of how I connected everything. The instructions at Rick's describe the connection process very incomprehensibly (for me). If everything is simple with one connector (from RR to the alternator), everything is bolt on there. Then further questions. Rick's manual says that the black wire should be connected to a +12V source (after turning on the ignition), and the white and green (ground, as I understand it) should be connected to the field coil. The problem is that in my engine, the wiring with field coil does not come out, as far as I know.

According to the advice from some forums, I tried to additionally connect the red wire (RR out) to the white wire from the generator. In this case, charging works. But with one thing — there is no limit, at 4000 rpm it reaches +18V (this experiment cost me a new lithium battery :(
I'm sure it's my mistake, but I can't figure out exactly where I made a mistake


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