1. raretromoto

    [New Fuel Tank] Honda XR650 scrambler project

    Hi! My friend wants to build a scrambler from a 2000 Honda XR650 and these are the parts he needs to complete the project, fuel tank, fenders, lights, exhaust and custom seat. I have prepared mockups for his approval and I am happy to share them. There are 4 compatible tanks CHAMP XL, GT...
  2. IMG_20201105_104159412.jpg


    '78 Honda CM185, reviving the project
  3. jungalist

    1982 CB750F brought back from the death

    Tought i'd be nice to write up my latest project. I'ts been a while since i've been on here, got a bit older and the toys got a little bit bigger... Storytime starts with a message I got of someone who knew a guy who needed to clean out his garage (his better half told him to) and had a...
  4. Nordster

    Teardown + Paint + Rebuild = Perfect 1980 Cb650

    Hello everyone, I recently started a new project with a 1980 Cb650c. The bike is black and in desperate need of new paint and a real solid cleaning. Her name "Bufonda"... the previous owner named her and I promised to keep the name in order to purchase the bike for a better price. She was not...
  5. HerrDeacon

    Deacon's CB350

    I'm not totally finished my other project, but since I'm not going to be selling it until spring I'll just pick at it over the winter. I wanted to start on the 350 before winter set in so that I could try and get it started so that I could do a bit of evaluation, especially with regard to...
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