82 honda CB900C rear shocks


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Im currently building an 82 CB900C. I wanted to swap out the rear air shocks. I've aquired a like new set or rear shocks off a 2012 HD sportster 883 iron (keep in mind this is a budget build). Has anybody fitted these on this bike before? Is there any modifications that have to be done?
The shocks are about 1 inch shorter than the air ones with no air in them.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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They will lower the rear and increase the rake, so the truck like handling of the bike will be even more pronounced. Couple that with decreased ground clearance and damping and spring rates which are most likely wrong for your application, you will have a net decrease in your performance. Beyond that, they will probably keep the rear fender off of the tire.


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All builds are budget builds and my budgets are slimmer than many. That said i like the RFY shocks on ebay. Send them to Chris Livengood https://chrislivengood.net/product-category/shock-rebuilds/ and he will rebuild them so they work like really expensive shocks at a reasonable price. Or start with a set of stock RFY shocks and send them to Chris after you squirrel away a few more drinking vouchers

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