'00 Ducati ST2 Leggera Project


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The Ducati ST2 is a lovely Sport Touring bike. 944cc 2 valve dead simple. Bought her in the summer with 6700miles on her. She was stolen early in life and hence had a rebuilt title. Like all good projects this one started out as I started to peal off the layers and discovered more an more things that were wrong. One day after a service I took her for a rip with all the fairings off and said to myself... hmm, this is hella fun. Thus project Leggera began.

Started by de smog. Removed airbox and added pods. Then relocated coils and rectifier. Its a work in progress but hey... not likely another on here so thought it might be the place for this. Not really a streetfighter. Added a monster upper triple with Renthal bars. Rizoma bar end mirrors. Open clutch. Ballistic battery. Chipped ECU, Koso Digital Dash, LED Headlight and signals etc. Enjoy.

Here she is clothed. Looks better than she really was! Had damage hiding under the body. Also a fubarred wiring harness.
Few updates. Getting all the wiring bits sorted out. Still have a problem that I need to fix with the fuel gauge not working. Annoying. All the others seem to be fine now. Got the lettering laid up nicely on the sides. Went vintage Ducati script for some flair. Just added braided clutch and brake lines. Here is an under tank image so show how its all packaged. Up front is rectifier and coils, along with all the wiring. I think I will make another harness using a motogadget mUnit down the road. For now shes pretty much almost road ready.

ctluba said:
Lookin at this side pic, I am thinkin trim down that tail and seat. Make a solo seat set up with a short tail from another bike. Just a thought.

Agreed. The reason it is as it stands is that I wanted to be able to revert to the stock if so desired. But.... I am seriously thinking of the solo seat :)

Also under the seat and in the side pods are an overflow tank, Computer, relays etc. All that said... if I ever decide to keep it naked I may just hack the backup :)
Moved the overflow tank into the tail side pod from under the tank. Didnt like the idea of water spraying around under there. This Triumph piece tucks up nice and neatly and holds more water. Win win! Guess ill need to re work under the tank now as I have so much space!

Btw... she is a rip roaring RIOT.

Cleaned up the rear a bit. Painted my exhaust hanger to better disappear. Also removed the rear hugger. Gives more visual space in the rear. Lightens the whole thing up. Next want to try without the center stand on. Should really free up some visual space.

Nice looking bike :)

I have carbon pipes on mine too and it just sounds awesome, so I know what you mean.

Now you have me thinking about picking up another one to do a build on. I agree, do
a solo seat, it would look great.

Also, the old style Ducati lettering looks really nice ;)
Thanks guys! Glad you like her.

I really love the lettering as well. Such a classic font!

As for the headlight it was out of a UK vendor cannot find it at the moment sorry! Its ok. Great for people seeing you in the daylight, but poor spread at night. Depends on what you want from it.

As for the bike, cleaned up some things. Ceramic coated the headers, cut down the rear hugger. Cleaned up the Koso mount to the upper triple, tucked the headlight closer in. Cleaned up clutch slave cables. Just keeps getting better. It is an absolute BLAST to ride. It is light, makes wicked noise and the torque is so much fun!

See the gallery here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsjULxRQv
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