125cc to 250cc conversion


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Hey Guys,

Sorry for the late reply but everything is good to go..both the bike and knee.

Bike is 95% done. Just need to do some cosmetic changes but everything mechanically is all good to go.

The original exhaust was thrown away as it is very restrictive. On my original header the inside was at least 50% restricted by some additional blockage (no it wasn't the cat. Not too sure what it was) But a local exhaust shop fabricated a new header for me.
I decided to change my exhaust from the straight through muffler to the more traditional one with a baffle as well. I found it quite loud and added an additional baffle and also packed it with some high temp muffler material.
For some protection but more so show properties, I have wrapped the header with a tan fibreglass tape.

With the wiring..On the CDI engine it had a extra wire harness with 6 wires. Found out that it's the gear select wires and I only used the neutral wire.

Bike goes really well and couldn't be happier with it. I'm sure you guys all know, everyone wants to know what it is and are quite surprised how good it looks.

Any questions you want to know about the conversion let us know.

Here is how she sits


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