150 super tune kits available in Australia from SKyteam Canberra & NSW


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Big bore 150cc super tune kit comprising of 150cc barrel and piston kit, cylinder head with higher flowing ports and larger valves, EGR blank off plate, 17 tooth sprocket, CDI kit with performance spark plug and plug cap ( NGK), larger Mikuni carburetor with foam air filter dyno tuned to suit. Total cost $ 370.00+ shipping.
The 150 cc kit with high flow cylinder head alone costs $155.00 AUD +$20.00 freight anywhere in Australia. For more information check out www.facebook.com/skyteamcanberra


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Good kits at a good price!

I've already gone down the 150cc path, but I would like you to put my name on one of the big brake kits when they're ready.

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